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OfflineSampleApp - Sample Offline-First MVVM app that uses Android Priority Job Queue, Room, Retrofit2, LiveData, LifecycleObserver, RxJava2, Dagger Android

  •    Java

Offline App (or Offline-First App) enables user to seamlessly interact with it by using local device storage and then synchronizing the data with some remote storage (cloud database, etc) later via a background process. This app is a working sample that showcases one way of implementing offline commenting capability on Android platform. Users' comments are stored in local Room database first. Then a background job is spawned to synchronize local data with remote database if and when Internet connection is available.

generator-android-starter - Generates bootstrapping code using open source libs

  •    Java

This generator will create a skeleton Android app built atop a collection of awesome Android libraries by Square using a single Activity/multiple view style. The project also generates with a set of extremely useful test helper classes and static methods along with example tests showing how to use them.

FoodSearch - Showcase project of MVP+Dagger+RxJava+StorIO

  •    Java

It makes use of the most popular and hyped pattern in Android these days. Dagger + MVP + RxJava. StorIO for my DAO Implementation.

annotation-processing-example - It is the example project for the annotation processing tutorial.

  •    Java

Annotation processing has become one of the most important language features in the modern Java programming. Java supports annotation processing from the release of Java 5 but its full potential has been realized in the recent years. Annotation processing in simple words is used to generate files during compilation. This is a project aimed to help bootstrap new Android library for annotation processing. Feel free to fork this application.

Cinematic - My shot at making a better IMDb App

  •    Java

Android App, which displays movie data, based on sorting criteria. It utilizes the The Movie DB API to query data using Retrofit as a REST-Client. The user can favorite movies, which are then stored with a Content-Provider backed by a SQLite Database. This project is part of Udacity's and Google's Associate Android Developer Fast-Track Program The purpose is to design this app from the ground up, bringing it from an idea to a functional state. However it's not close to a production ready state yet.


  •    Kotlin

This is a proof of concept app for using Conductor, Dagger, ButterKnife, and Fluxion together. The result is a Flux architecture app containing a single activity, no fragments, and utilizing dependency injection for the views and business logic.

ConductorMVP - Multi-project Clean Architecture MVP app in Kotlin using Conductor, Room, RxJava 2, Dagger 2 with custom scopes

  •    Kotlin

The source code in this repo accompanies my article Creating Clean Architecture Multi-Project MVP App. Here you will find a multi-project single Activity TODO app using Conductor implementing MVP pattern (each Controller is a View).

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