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redux-logic - Redux middleware for organizing all your business logic

  •    Javascript

Use the type of code you and your team are comfortable and experienced with. Testing your logic is straight forward and simple. redux-logic-test provides additional utilities to make testing a breeze.

effector - The state manager ☄️

  •    Javascript

Effector is an effective multi store state manager for Javascript apps (React/React Native/Vue/Node.js), that allows you to manage data in complex applications without the risk of inflating the monolithic central store, with clear control flow, good type support and high capacity API. Effector supports both TypeScript and Flow type annotations out of the box.

Fluent Validation for .NET

  •    Silverlight

A small validation library for .NET that uses a fluent interface and lambda expressions for building validation rules for your business objects.

NValid - A Fluent Business Logic Validation Library for .NET

  •    CSharp

NValid is a light-weight C# validation library for .NET. Easily extended with custom validation logic for your project!

Versatile DataSources

  •    ASPNET

2 DataSource controls for ASP.NET. EntityDAODataSource improves upon the ideas behind the DomainDataSource. POCODataSource lets you work with POCO classes. Both support Dynamic Data and establish a strong separation of concerns between UI and business logic.

NHibernate Business Layer


A business layer on top of NHibernate that helps the user in dealing with most routine tasks in an ORM mapper, like saving, updating, deleting, retrieving collections of objects, transactions, etc.

Rules Engine


Rules Engine is a C# project that makes it easier for developers to define business rules on domain objects without coupling the domain object to the business rule. The rules engine supports cross-field validation and conditional validation. Rules are interface-based and are e...

Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Analysis Services


This project contains SQL Server Analysis Services samples contributed by Microsoft outside of the regular release cycle, MVPs, and other members of the community.

interactor - Simple service objects for PHP

  •    PHP

Simple PHP Service Objects. Inspired by collectiveidea/interactor. Run the following to add Interactor to your project's composer.json. See Packagist for specific versions.

ActionLogic - A business logic abstraction gem that provides structure to the organization and composition of business logic (Ruby)

  •    Ruby

This is a business logic abstraction gem that provides structure to the organization and composition of business logic in a Ruby or Rails application. ActionLogic is inspired by gems like ActiveInteraction, DecentExposure, Interactor, Light-Service, Mutations, Surrounded, Trailblazer and Wisper. Why another business logic abstraction gem? ActionLogic provides teams of various experience levels with a minimal yet powerful set of abstractions that promote easy to write and easy to understand code. By using ActionLogic, teams can more quickly and easily write business logic that honors the SOLID principles, is easy to test and easy to reason about, and provides a flexible foundation from which teams can model and define their application's business domains by focusing on reusable units of work that can be composed and validated with one another.

django-service-objects - Service objects for Django

  •    Python

This is a small library providing a Service base class to derive your service objects from. What are service objects? You can read more about the whys and hows in this blog post, but for the most part, it encapsulates your business logic, decoupling it from your views and model methods. Put your business logic in service objects. Let's say you want to register new users. You could make a CreateUser service.

Plastic - This project provides encapsulation of things like Domain, Application Rules, Business Rules or Business Logic in Application

  •    CSharp

This project provides encapsulation of things like Domain, Application Rules, Business Rules or Business Logic in Application. For this, Command pattern is used. All applications such as Web, CLI, GUI application can use this project. This can be part of the Usecase Layer, Domain Service Layer or CQRS.

hasura-actions-examples - Examples of handling custom business logic with Hasura Actions

  •    Javascript

This repo features examples of Actions to perform custom business logic with Hasura. Each example comes with it's own schema with relevant migration files to get started.

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