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node-falafel - transform the ast on a recursive walk

  •    Javascript

Transform the ast on a recursive walk.This modules uses acorn to create an AST from source code.

rocambole - Recursively walk and transform EcmaScript AST

  •    Javascript

Recursively walk and add extra information/helpers to Esprima / Mozilla SpiderMonkey Parser API compatible AST.The main difference between other tools is that it also keeps information about tokens and white spaces and it is meant to be used to transform the tokens and not the string values itself.

Guac - Monadic do-notation in Python (requires pypy3)

  •    Python

Guac is a package that provides monadic do-notation, inspired by Haskell, in Python. Monads provide "programmable semicolons" by which the behavior of programs can be changed. A common, useful monad is the list monad, which represents non-deterministic computations. The list monad makes it very easy to write backtracking searches. If you have ever used Python's asyncio package, this may feel familiar. That's because asyncio is actually a monad! Of course, they don't formalize it as such, but it could be implemented as one, and it uses coroutines in the exact same way. Unlike asyncio, which simply continues computation when a result is available, this library makes it possible to repeat computation from arbitrary yields in the coroutine.

fugot - Like `got` but with futures

  •    Javascript

This library is a port of the excellent got Node HTTP client that returns Futures instead of Promises, provided by the also excellent Fluture library. Please note that unlike got, fugot does not support streams as it's focused on being a Future-returning client for Node.

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