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burp-suite-http-proxy-history-converter - Python script that converts Burp Suite HTTP proxy history files to CSV or HTML

  •    Python

Python script that converts Burp Suite HTTP proxy history files to HTML or CSV. The history file can be exported from Burp Suite by opening Proxy > HTTP History, selecting relevant records, right-clicking and choosing Save items.

burp-ui - Burp-UI is a web-ui for burp backup written in python with Flask and jQuery/Bootstrap

  •    Python

Let me introduce you Burp-UI. It is a web-based UI to manage your burp-servers. You can view different reports about burp-servers, burp-clients, backups, etc. Burp-UI allows you to perform online restorations and to edit/manage your burp-server's configuration files. A FAQ is available with the documentation.

JSONBeautifier - JSON Beautifier for Burp written in Java

  •    Java

This is a Burp Extension for beautifying JSON output. There exists a python version in the BApp Store at the moment. After some difficulties with Jython I opted to port it to Java.

WASE - The Web Audit Search Engine - Index and Search HTTP Requests and Responses in Web Application Audits with ElasticSearch

  •    Python

WASE is a shortcut for Web Audit Search Engine. It's a framework for indexing HTTP requests/responses while web application audits in an ElasticSearch instance and enriching it with useful data. The indexed data can then be searched and aggregated with ElasticSearch queries or with Kibana. Scared about the weak searching performance of Burp Suite? Are you missing possibilities to search in Burp? ElasticBurp combines Burp Suite with the search power of ElasticSearch. It can be installed directly from the Burp BApp Store.

docker_burp - Burp Pro as a Docker Container

  •    Dockerfile

How to run any GUI application (and Burp in particular) from Docker.

blackboxprotobuf - Blackbox protobuf is a Burp Suite extension for decoding and modifying arbitrary protobuf messages without the protobuf type definition

  •    Python

This is an extension for the intercepting proxy Burp Suite (https://portswigger.net/burp/) that allows encoding and decoding arbitrary protocol buffer (https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/) messages which may be contained in an intercepted request. It is designed to work without a protobuf definition file (.proto) which may not be available or may be unusable with existing Burp extensions. The BlackBox Protobuf library can also be used independently as a Python module to convert protobuf messages to either JSON or a Python dictionary. It can be found under the blackboxprotobuf/lib directory.

CTFHelper - A simple Burp extension for scanning stuffs in CTF

  •    Python

This extension will scan some sensitive files (backup files likes .index.php.swp or .git directory) in web server that makes solving CTF challenge faster. Set up jython variable correctly.

python-burp-rest-api - Python Package for burprestapi

  •    Python

A burp python RESTFul API package. If you Found bug or have a feature request? Please open a new issue (https://github.com/anandtiwarics/python-burp-rest-api/issues).

mod0BurpUploadScanner - HTTP file upload scanner for Burp Proxy

  •    Perl

A Burp Suite Pro extension to do security tests for HTTP file uploads. Testing web applications is a standard task for every security analyst. Various automated and semi-automated security testing tools exist to simplify the task. HTTP based file uploads are one specialised use case. However, most automated web application security scanners are not adapting their attacks when encountering file uploads and are therefore likely to miss vulnerabilities related to file upload functionalities.

research - Hello and welcome to my GitHub account

  •    Javascript

Hello and welcome to my GitHub account. If you'd like to know more about me, this is likely the best place to start

similar-request-excluder - A Burp Suite extension that automatically marks similar requests as 'out-of-scope'

  •    Java

You can install Similar Request Excluder using the BAppStore! Please check the installation instructions on the wiki. The F.A.Q helps to troubleshoot any problems that might occur. Please note that the thesis has been anonymised and some private information has been redacted. The source of the thesis (LaTex) is not open-source at the moment. The thesis focuses on release v1.0.0 of the extension; however, many changes have been made in the meantime.