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Steal - Universal module loader

  •    Javascript

steal is unique because it can load JavaScript modules defined in ES6, AMD, and CommonJS formats (unlike most other module loaders, which only support one of these formats at a time). In JavaScript, the word "modules" refers to small units of independent, reusable code. They are the foundation of many JavaScript design patterns, and can look like this in ES6.

webpack.js.org - New repository for webpack documentation and more!

  •    Javascript

Guides, documentation, and all things webpack.We haven't created issues for the other sections yet, but they will be coming soon. For dev-related work please see General - Current Longterm Plan, which will soon be replaced by a more dev-specific issue.

rollup - Next-generation ES6 module bundler

  •    Javascript

Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. It uses the new standardized format for code modules included in the ES6 revision of JavaScript, instead of previous idiosyncratic solutions such as CommonJS and AMD. ES6 modules let you freely and seamlessly combine the most useful individual functions from your favorite libraries. This will eventually be possible natively, but Rollup lets you do it today.Install with npm install --global rollup. Rollup can be used either through a command line interface with an optional configuration file, or else through its JavaScript API. Run rollup --help to see the available options and parameters. The starter project templates, rollup-starter-lib and rollup-starter-app, demonstrate common configuration options, and more detailed instructions are available throughout the user guide.

guess - Libraries & tools for enabling Machine Learning driven user-experiences on the web

  •    TypeScript

Libraries and tools for enabling data-driven user-experiences on the web. Install and configure GuessPlugin - the Guess.js webpack plugin which automates as much of the setup process for you as possible.

tsdx - Zero-config CLI for TypeScript package development

  •    TypeScript

Despite all the recent hype, setting up a new TypeScript (x React) library can be tough. Between Rollup, Jest, tsconfig, Yarn resolutions, ESLint, and getting VSCode to play nicely....there is just a whole lot of stuff to do (and things to screw up). TSDX is a zero-config CLI that helps you develop, test, and publish modern TypeScript packages with ease--so you can focus on your awesome new library and not waste another afternoon on the configuration. Runs the project in development/watch mode. Your project will be rebuilt upon changes. TSDX has a special logger for your convenience. Error messages are pretty printed and formatted for compatibility VS Code's Problems tab.


  •    ASPNET

SimpleMin is a very easy way to minify and bundle all javascript and css files in your web project.



The .Net wrapper of the libsass library that is C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler.

Bundle Transformer - a modular extension for ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework

  •    ASPNET

Bundle Transformer - a modular extension for System.Web.Optimization (also known as the Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework).

rollup-watch - Fast incremental rebuilds with Rollup CLI

  •    Javascript

This module is used by the Rollup command line interface to enable automatic incremental rebuilds.Install it to your project like so...

Cassette-Express - An asset manager for your client side javascript files, for use in Express.JS

  •    Javascript

Because this isn't a CommonJS based system, you can use all the same javascript libraries and files you're already using. You can even use it with Ender, too, by referencing the unminified version, ie., // @reference ../lib/ender.js. Cassette-Express is an adaptation of Andrew Davey's Cassette (https://github.com/andrewdavey/cassette), a .net package which helps developers manage CSS, Javascript, Coffeescript assets. It is amazingly useful. I wanted to use the same client side javascript in Node projects and discovered the same functionality - working with any javascript, not just CommonJS modules - didn't exist.

bundle_example - Extensively documented example on how to bundle with npm and Webpack

  •    Javascript

This project is an example of how you can bundle JavaScript code ready for the web. I will also detail some useful tools you can use along the way. A lot of other JavaScript project examples exist. Most them contain quite a bit of code and relatively little text. This example is the other way around: a little bit of code and a lot of text in the README to explain what is going on. I can't explain everything, but hopefully enough to get you started.

handroll - 🍣 Expertly rolled JavaScript. CLI + library for bundling JavaScript with Rollup.js

  •    CoffeeScript

JavaScript API and CLI for for bundling opinionated JavaScript with Rollup. Provides a similar interface to Rollup with many options and plugins automatically configured based on format and package.json. Handroll's JavaScript API provides an interface similar to Rollup, with the bundle step being optional (and only useful if you want to cache the intermediate bundle). In most cases you'll want to use .write or .generate directly.

web-packing - Webpack on demand (immutable builds, cached by your browser)

  •    Javascript

Inspired by "Browserify as a service" at https://wzrd.in/. Just deploy this micro service yourself (Zeit.co Now works really well). Then require single or multiple NPM packages.

maintenance-book - ”SurviveJS — Maintenance” book

  •    Javascript

Maintaining web projects is difficult. The purpose of this book is help you to maintain your projects and gather good practices into a single place. You can read the book online. You can read the content easily through the book site. It is also available within the manuscript directory of the repository.

bundler - A library for bundling JavaScript, HTML and CSS for use with SystemJS.

  •    TypeScript

This library is part of the Aurelia platform and contains a library for bundling HTML, JavaScript and CSS for use with SystemJS. To keep up to date on Aurelia, please visit and subscribe to the official blog and our email list. We also invite you to follow us on twitter. If you have questions look around our Discourse forums, chat in our community on Gitter or use stack overflow. Documentation can be found in our developer hub. If you would like to have deeper insight into our development process, please install the ZenHub Chrome or Firefox Extension and visit any of our repository's boards.

cjsc - faster and leaner CommonJS module transpiler

  •    Javascript

cjsc is a JavaScript transpiler that makes your CommonJS modules suitable for in-browser use. While every AMD-module results in a separate HTTP request and therefore badly affects page response time, cjsc, instead, combines all the acting modules in a single file (optionally compressed). Comparing to the alternatives Browserify and Webpack, cjsc is much lighter and easier to configure. It's not a multipurpose tool. While Browserify attempts to bring node.js to the browser and Webpack to bundle as many formats as possible, cjsc is fully designated for a single task - to make CommonJS modules available in-browser. And it does the task pretty well.

node-enigmavirtualbox - Node API for executing Enigma Virtual Box

  •    Javascript

Node API and CLI for executing Windows tool Enigma Virtual Box to bundle executable with data files. Enigma Virtual Box is a tool available for Windows only! Hence, running the Enigma Virtual Box CLI and GUI requires this Node module to be used under a Windows run-time platform, of course. Only the built-in configuration file generator can be used on any platform.

bundler-performance-benchmark - This is a super tiny example of a transparent comparison between parcel and webpack and anyone else who wants to be involved

  •    Javascript

Showing numbers means nothing if you can't back it up. This is a joint effort between all bundlers involved to create a fair and unbiased set of benchmarks for build and size performance. Need help organizing and setting up multiple real world scenarios for all bundlers to run.

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