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np - A better `npm publish`

  •    Javascript

Support my open source work by buying this excellent Node.js course.Run np without arguments to launch the interactive UI that guides you through publishing a new version.

gulp-bump - Bump any version in any file which supports semver with gulp (gulpjs.com)

  •    Javascript

gulp-bump v2 supports Any valid semver in any filetype. ####You can view more examples in the example folder.

geopkg - :satellite: Tag npm moduels with lat/long of where on the planet the module was published :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  •    Javascript

A simple module for tagging your npm modules with latitude and longitude (geotagging) of where on the planet the module was published.Bump the version of your npm module and automatically tag it with your current geo-coordinates.

grunt-version - Handle versioning of a project

  •    Javascript

Grunt task to handle versioning of a project. Requires grunt >=0.4.2. If you haven't used grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide.

texture.js - Basic implementation of normal mapped textures in javascript

  •    Javascript

A pure JavaScript library that uses textures and normal maps to simulate 3d lighting with 2d images. Maybe. It's probably not useful in the standard way normal maps are used, providing texture to 3d models in games. The goal was to provide subtly different backgrounds to elements without having unique images per element.

grunt-bumpup - Update the version, date, and other properties in JSON files while preserving indentation style

  •    Javascript

Updates the version, date, and other properties in your JSON files. The properties are updated only when already present in the original JSON file. Plugin also detects and preserves the original indentation style.

bmp - :up: No hassle on bumping

  •    Ruby

bmp command bumps and updates the version numbers in a repository according to the yaml file .bmp.yml. This is convenient if you have written many version numbers in your repository. This command helps you consistently update the version information in your repository. version property is the current version number of the repository.

glsl-perturb-normal - perturb normal from a normal map

  •    GLSL

Perturb a normal in the fragment shader using a normal map. This can be used to add surface detail during per-pixel lighting. Note: You need to enable GL_OES_standard_derivatives.

bump-regex - bump regex with semver

  •    Javascript

Sets multiple versioning keys. Set a specific version to bump to.

dodgem - 🎪 Rocket League Garage trade bumping automation CLI bot

  •    Javascript

The minimum version of Node.js required to run dodgem is 7.6.0 - ensure that this version (or higher) is installed before installing dodgem. To check which version of Node.js you have installed you can run: node -v. Dodgem is installed globally via the command line from the npm registry with either yarn or npm.

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