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HuskyBBS - Ancient code of Husky BBS a telnet based bulletin board system recovered from my personal backup

  •    C

Ancient telnet based bulletin board system written in ANSI-C language. Some parts of code were delivered from Diku, Merc, Smaug and Rom (multi user dungeon servers). It was running on Intel 486DX4-100 CPU, 128MB of RAM hardware with Slackware installed server.

frontend - Frontend repository / Reactive realtime forum software (currently alpha).

  •    Javascript

Anzu is our greatest endeavor to build the most rad, simple & reactive forum software out there since the Javascript revolution. Forum platforms to host communities are vast. Many would say it's a lifeless space with almost zero innovation, and attempting to create something new is pointless. We dissent, and if you found this repository you might also share with us the idea that there has to be an alternative to the old forum. Well, we think Anzu is that young and sexy software that could bring back to life the community-building movement.