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  •    CSharp

EntityFrameworkCore extensions: Bulk operations (Insert, Update, Delete, Read, Upsert, Sync) and Batch (Delete, Update). Library is Lightweight and very Efficient, having all mostly used CRUD operation. Was selected in top 20 EF Core Extensions recommended by Microsoft. It is targeting NetStandard 2.0 so it can be used on project targeting NetCore(2.0+) or NetFramework(4.6.1+). Current version is using EF Core 2.2 and at the moment supports Microsoft SQL Server(2008+) and SQLite. EFCore/v.Nuget: EFCore2.1/v2.4.1 EFCore2.0/v2.0.8, and for EF Core 1.x use 1.1.0 (targeting NetStandard 1.4) Under the hood uses SqlBulkCopy for Insert, for Update/Delete combines BulkInsert with raw Sql MERGE. For SQLite there is no BulkCopy, instead library uses plain SQL combined with UPSERT. Bulk Tests can not have UseInMemoryDb because InMemoryProvider does not support Relational-specific methods. If Windows Authentication is used then in ConnectionString there should be Trusted_Connection=True; because Sql credentials are required to stay in connection.

Bulk Actions for SharePoint


This project aims to provide some essential and generic bulk actions for SharePoint lists. Idea is to include any custom actions that can be applied on lists in bulk. List item selection is also provided, so not only you can do your actions in bulk but also selectively.

DataBooster - Extension to ADO.NET Data Provider


The dbParallel DataBooster library is a high-performance extension to ADO.NET Data Provider. (DbAccess, OracleLauncher and SqlLauncher for accessing mass data)

scoped-bulk - Run a command from every installed npm package under a certain scope

  •    Javascript

Run a command from every installed npm package under a certain scope. Useful in combination with district.Where <namespace> is the package namespace to use, and <command...> is a command to run from your shell in each scoped package.

bulk-require - require whole directory of trees in bulk

  •    Javascript

You can also bind arguments by passing in an array instead of a glob string.In this instance data.js has multiple individual exports but argument binding also works if you export a single function with module.exports= assignment.

throughv - stream.Transform with parallel chunk processing

  •    Javascript

Same as Rod Vagg's through2 but with parallel chunk processing. throughv is useful to augment/process data coming from a stream in a fast parallel fashion, e.g. fetching some relevant data from a database. Note that throughv.obj(fn) is a convenience wrapper around throughv({ objectMode: true }, fn).

salesforce-bulk - Python interface to the Salesforce.com Bulk API

  •    Python

Python client library for accessing the asynchronous Salesforce.com Bulk API. To access the Bulk API you need to authenticate a user into Salesforce. The easiest way to do this is just to supply username, password and security_token. This library will use the simple-salesforce package to handle password based authentication.

kju - fault tolerant queue system for bulk insert management

  •    Javascript

kju (queue) is a evented and dynamic fault tolerant queueing system for Node.js. Node currently suffers from a big limitation, it does not support hot code reload. So when you want to upgrade your site or service, you need to kill the running process and have it restart again. Node does not provide a way to do this safely, if you queued up data in memory it will be lost. If you where about to send a query to your database for a new account.. You will be fucked. You can consider the query lost. Everything that where about to do is dropped.

excel-couchdb-import - Import Excel Sheets to CouchDB/PouchDB

  •    Javascript

excel-couchdb-import imports Excel files (*.xls, *.xslx) into CouchDB/PouchDB documents, and transforms the sheets into JSON. Document update conflicts are possible and will be ignored.

kiba-plus - Kiba enhancement for Ruby ETL.

  •    Ruby

Kiba enhancement for Ruby ETL. It connects to various data sources including relational, non-relational, and flat file, cloud services and HTTP resources. It has flexible load strategies including insert, bulk load and upsert.

arduinoBulkProgrammer - A program that uses an external button to start programming Arduinos

  •    Javascript

This is a node.js application that will manage the programming of lots of devices in parallel. It uses a simple interface of a button to start the programming and an LED to indicate state so that no user input via computer is required.

electron-download-manager - Manage downloadItems from Electron's BrowserWindows without user interaction, allowing single file download and bulk downloading

  •    Javascript

Set a folder where all downloadItems will be downloaded to. It will also be the parent folder for individual folders of each download. Explained below in Download function. If the file already exists in the location it will check the file's size against the size on the server, if it is lower than the server it will attempt to resume downloading the file. This is good for downloading large files. E.G Downloading a 200MB file and only 100MB downloaded (app closed/crashed) it will resume the download from where it left off automatically.

elasticsearch-writable-stream - A writable stream for doing operations in Elasticsearch

  •    Javascript

A writable stream for doing operations in Elasticsearch with support for bulk actions. Supports virtually all indexing operations including index, update, update_by_query, and delete. This module used to be known as elasticsearch-bulk-index-stream, but was renamed because the package has added support for non-bulk actions.

bulk - Command-line tool to execute shell commands on arguments

  •    Ruby

Bulk (pronounced B·Hulk) is a command-line tool to execute shell commands on arguments, similarly to piping arguments to an editor, edit and execute its contents. The editor used in the demo is Kakoune.

sdk-javascript - Official javascript SDK for Kuzzle

  •    Javascript

A backend software, self-hostable and ready to use to power modern apps. The protocol used is always raw WebSocket.

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