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heresy - React-like Custom Elements via V1 API builtin extends.

  •    Javascript

Don't simulate the DOM. Be the DOM. React-like Custom Elements via the V1 API built-in extends. Also available for SSR.

node-status-codes - Node.js `http.STATUS_CODES` ponyfill

  •    Javascript

The built-in list of HTTP status codes differ between Node.js versions, so this is a good way to make sure it's consistent. Will be kept up to date with latest Node.js.

builtin-modules - List of the Node.js builtin modules

  •    Javascript

The list is just a JSON file and can be used wherever.Returns an array of builtin modules fetched from the running Node.js version.

core-assert - Node.js `assert` as a standalone module

  •    Javascript

Useful to ensure consistency between Node.js versions as the assert module has changed a lot.Lets you use the Node.js 4.0 assert.deepStrictEqual()/assert.notDeepStrictEqual() methods all the way back to Node.js 0.10.

deep-strict-equal - Test for deep equality - Node

  •    Javascript

Test for deep equality - Node.js `assert.deepStrictEqual()` algorithm as a standalone module

portable-snippets - Collection of miscellaneous portable C snippets.

  •    C

This is a collection of public domain (CC0) code snippets written in C for performing various common tasks which are typically OS, architecture, and/or compiler-dependent. Basically, our goal is to move those annoying preprocessor conditionals from your code to ours. Modules have no fixed target (such as C89) since that would preclude some functionality; instead, we simply try to provide the widest support we can for each module. If you have a platform which isn't supported for a particular feature but could be, please let us know; we'd be happy to try to work out a way to support it.

custom-elements-builtin - A polyfill for Custom Elements builtin extends

  •    Javascript

Brings builtin extends to browsers that already have customElements (i.e. Safari). See document-register-element to polyfill upfront all other legacy browsers too.

builtin-status-codes - The map of HTTP status codes from the builtin http module

  •    Javascript

The map of HTTP status codes from the builtin http module. Exposes the latest directly from http in Node, with a zero-dependencies version for the browser.

p-cool - Pretty Cool Elements

  •    Javascript

This module is a follow up of this Medium post, and it provides element mixins/behaviors, through class names, without names clashing. With native Custom Elements, we need to reserve a single name in a shared global registry to pass through the upgrade, and callbacks, mechanism.

builtin-elements - A zero friction custom elements like primitive.

  •    Javascript

A zero friction custom elements like primitive. When hydration is desired, upgradedCallback is the method to setup once all listeners, and if elements are subject to change extend, or be downgraded as regular element, downgradedCallback is the best place to cleanup listeners and/or anything else.

custom-elements-builtin - A better custom-elements-builtin polyfill, Safari only

  •    Javascript

A better custom-elements-builtin polyfill, targeting Safari, but working in every other browser that has native customElements. This module is included in @ungap/custom-elements polyfill, use that to avoid dealing with try catches manually, it features detect everything for you.

element-observer - A MutationObserver inspired observer for Custom Elements like mutations on any DOM element

  •    Javascript

A MutationObserver inspired observer for Custom Elements like mutations on any DOM element. See MutationObserver.observe() to better understand attributes properties.

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