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node-status-codes - Node.js `http.STATUS_CODES` ponyfill

  •    Javascript

The built-in list of HTTP status codes differ between Node.js versions, so this is a good way to make sure it's consistent. Will be kept up to date with latest Node.js.

builtin-modules - List of the Node.js builtin modules

  •    Javascript

The list is just a JSON file and can be used wherever.Returns an array of builtin modules fetched from the running Node.js version.

core-assert - Node.js `assert` as a standalone module

  •    Javascript

Useful to ensure consistency between Node.js versions as the assert module has changed a lot.Lets you use the Node.js 4.0 assert.deepStrictEqual()/assert.notDeepStrictEqual() methods all the way back to Node.js 0.10.

deep-strict-equal - Test for deep equality - Node

  •    Javascript

Test for deep equality - Node.js `assert.deepStrictEqual()` algorithm as a standalone module

portable-snippets - Collection of miscellaneous portable C snippets.

  •    C

This is a collection of public domain (CC0) code snippets written in C for performing various common tasks which are typically OS, architecture, and/or compiler-dependent. Basically, our goal is to move those annoying preprocessor conditionals from your code to ours. Modules have no fixed target (such as C89) since that would preclude some functionality; instead, we simply try to provide the widest support we can for each module. If you have a platform which isn't supported for a particular feature but could be, please let us know; we'd be happy to try to work out a way to support it.

builtin-status-codes - The map of HTTP status codes from the builtin http module

  •    Javascript

The map of HTTP status codes from the builtin http module. Exposes the latest directly from http in Node, with a zero-dependencies version for the browser.

custom-elements-builtin - A polyfill for Custom Elements builtin extends

  •    Javascript

Brings builtin extends to browsers that already have customElements (i.e. Safari). See document-register-element to polyfill upfront all other legacy browsers too.