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node-status-codes - Node.js `http.STATUS_CODES` ponyfill

  •    Javascript

The built-in list of HTTP status codes differ between Node.js versions, so this is a good way to make sure it's consistent. Will be kept up to date with latest Node.js.

builtin-modules - List of the Node.js builtin modules

  •    Javascript

The list is just a JSON file and can be used wherever.Returns an array of builtin modules fetched from the running Node.js version.

fs-access - Node.js 0.12 fs.access() & fs.accessSync() ponyfill

  •    Javascript

See the fs.access() & fs.accessSync() docs.Mode flags are on the fsAccess instance instead of fs. Only the F_OK mode is supported.

as-custom-element - Setup any element as if it was a Custom Element

  •    Javascript

The easiest way to add Custom Elements like callbacks to any node. Compatible with modern browsers, as well as IE11, and no polyfills are needed, for a minified size less than 0.8K.

built-in-element - A polyfill for Custom Element built-in

  •    Javascript

A polyfill for Custom Elements built-in that patches the native registry in Safari and WebKit and it's compatible with the Custom Elements polyfill. It doesn't touch Chrome and Firefox 63+ with native support, and it weights less than 1K.

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