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cbt - CBT - fun, fast, intuitive, compositional, statically checked builds written in Scala

  •    Scala

Easy to learn and master, lightning fast and backed by a thriving community of enthusiasts and contributors. For talks, development roadmap, projects using cbt, etc see the wiki. CBT is a build tool meaning it helps orchestrating compilation, code and documentation generation, packaging, deployment and custom tooling for your project. It mainly targets Scala projects but is not exclusive to them.

captain - Captain - Convert your Git workflow to Docker :whale: containers

  •    Go

Define your workflow in the captain.yaml and use captain to your Continuous Delivery service to create containers for each commit, test them and push them to your registry only when tests passes. From the other side, you can now pull the feature branch you want to test, or create distribution channels (such as 'alpha', 'beta', 'stable') using git tags that are propagated to container tags.

pundle - 👾 peaceful bundles - js bundler, built from the ground up for speed and extensibility

  •    Javascript

Pundle is a next generation module bundler. It's written with extensibility and performance in mind.Welcome to the official documentation of Pundle, the peaceful module bundler of the 21st century.

handroll - 🍣 Expertly rolled JavaScript. CLI + library for bundling JavaScript with Rollup.js

  •    CoffeeScript

JavaScript API and CLI for for bundling opinionated JavaScript with Rollup. Provides a similar interface to Rollup with many options and plugins automatically configured based on format and package.json. Handroll's JavaScript API provides an interface similar to Rollup, with the bundle step being optional (and only useful if you want to cache the intermediate bundle). In most cases you'll want to use .write or .generate directly.

ui5-tooling - UI5 Build and Development Tooling: Main Repository

  •    Shell

This is an alpha release! The UI5 Build and Development Tooling described here is not intended for productive use yet. Breaking changes are to be expected. Checkout the OpenUI5 Sample App (ui5-tooling branch) featuring a full blown How-to to play around with the UI5 Build and Development Tooling.

foy - A simple, light-weight and modern task runner for general purpose.

  •    TypeScript

A simple, light-weight and modern task runner for general purpose. You need to add a Foyfile.js(or Foyfile.ts with ts-node installed) in your project root.

usemin-cli - Replaces references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets into a set of HTML files (or any templates/views)

  •    Javascript

CLI version of usemin. For purists, those who doesn't use build tools like Grunt and Gulp, but just use NPM as their build tool. usemin - API for this module.