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alfred - (v0.2) Even Batman needs a little help. Task runner. Automator. Build system.

  •    Go

Even Batman needs a little help. A simple go/yaml powered make file/task runner with a bit of a twist and a ton of flexibility.

zeus - An Electrifying Build System

  •    Go

ZEUS is a modern build system featuring support for writing build targets in multiple scripting languages, an interactive shell with tab completion and customizable ANSI color profiles as well as support for keybindings. It parses the zeus directory in your project, to find commands either via a single file zeus/commands.yml or via scripts in the zeus/scripts directory.

pack - :package: Packs the assets for your web server.

  •    Go

Packs the assets for your web server. Run pack in your project directory. It will scan your project directory recursively to compile .pixy, .scarlet and .js files resulting in a components package in your root directory. You can then import the components package in your project to access all of your assets.

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