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pax - The fastest JavaScript bundler in the galaxy.

  •    Rust

The fastest JavaScript bundler in the galaxy. Fully supports ECMAScript module syntax (import/export) in addition to CommonJS require(<string>). Because your bundler is too slow.

cargo-lipo - Cargo subcommand to automatically create universal libraries for iOS.

  •    Rust

Provides a cargo lipo subcommand which automatically creates a universal library for use with your iOS application. From anywhere you would usually run cargo you can now run cargo lipo or cargo lipo --release to create a universal library for ios, which can be found in $target/universal/{release|debug}/$lib_name.a.

cargo-nuget - A tool for packaging Native Rust libs as Nuget nupkgs

  •    Rust

Pack native Rust libraries as .NET Nuget packages. See a complete example.

rote - Automate everything.

  •    Rust

Rote is a multi-threaded task runner and build tool designed to be easy to use, portable, and fast. Automate your entire development workflow using Rote's scriptable task system to implement builds, deployment, and maintenance using a unified script syntax. Rote is basically unfinished and on hold indefinitely. The actual rule and task running works rather well, and is very fast, but the tool isn't fleshed out, nor is the Rotefile syntax finalized. This is not recommended to be used outside of experiments.

cargo-make - Rust task runner and build tool.

  •    Rust

Rust task runner and build tool. The cargo-make task runner enables to define and configure sets of tasks and run them as a flow. A task is a command, script, rust code or other sub tasks to execute. Tasks can have dependencies which are also tasks that will be executed before the task itself. With a simple toml based configuration file, you can define a multi platform build script that can run build, test, generate documentation,run bench tests, run security validations and more, executed by running a single command.

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