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mmake - Modern Make

  •    Go

Mmake is a small program which wraps make to provide additional functionality, such as user-friendly help output, remote includes, and eventually more. It otherwise acts as a pass-through to standard make.Make's primary function is not to serve as a "task runner", however it's often used for that scenario due to its ubiquitous nature, and if you're already using it, why not! Make is however lacking a built-in mechanism for displaying help information.

pax - The fastest JavaScript bundler in the galaxy.

  •    Rust

The fastest JavaScript bundler in the galaxy. Fully supports ECMAScript module syntax (import/export) in addition to CommonJS require(<string>). Because your bundler is too slow.

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System for Windows

  •    C

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) is a professional open source system to create Windows installers. It is designed to be as small and flexible as possible and is therefore very suitable for internet distribution. NSIS is script-based and allows you to create the logic to handle even the most complex installation tasks. Many plug-ins and scripts are already available: you can create web installers, communicate with Windows and other software components.

erlang.mk - A build tool for Erlang that just works.

  •    Makefile

A build tool for Erlang that just works. Embrace the power and simplicity of Makefiles.

gradle-in-action-source - Source code for the Manning book "Gradle in Action"

  •    Java

All source code used in the book is based on Gradle 1.7. Please use the checked-in Wrapper to execute the samples. Please be aware that a later version of Gradle might not be compatible with the source code. Starting with chapter 2, all source code can be run using the Gradle Wrapper which means no runtime will have to be installed. For example to run the "Hello World" build script from chapter 2 open a shell/command prompt and navigate to the directory. You can execute the build script by referencing the Gradle Wrapper command line script and providing the task you would like to run.

scons - SCons - a software construction tool

  •    XSLT

Welcome to the SCons development tree. The real purpose of this tree is to package SCons for production distribution in a variety of formats, not just to hack SCons code. If all you want to do is install and run SCons, it will be easier for you to download and install the scons-{version}.tar.gz or scons-{version}.zip package rather than to work with the packaging logic in this tree.

godo - godo is an improved `go run`

  •    Go

godo is an alternative to go run. It's useful when you want to avoid the go build/go install, /path/to/somebin cycle. There's also a bash completion script, which makes it easy to quickly invoke a Go package from your GOPATH.

Codeine - Mac OS X IDE For Clang/LLVM

  •    Objective-C

Codeine is a new code editor for Mac, allowing editing, building, running and debugging C, C++ and Objective-C code. While not an IDE (yet), Codeine aims to evolve to support complex application projects.

dogo - Monitoring changes in the source file and automatically compile and run (restart).

  •    Go

Monitoring changes in the source file and automatically compile and run (restart).WorkingDir: working directory, dogo will auto change to this directory.

make.go - A Go script that could replace your Makefile.

  •    Go

A Go script that could replace your Makefile.This script is meant to live in your project's root and used with go run make.go.

autosetup - A better, faster autoconf replacement

  •    C

autosetup is a tool, similar to autoconf, to configure a build system for the appropriate environment, according to the system capabilities and the user configuration. autosetup is designed to be light-weight, fast, simple and flexible.

twilio-boost-build - Build tool for boost libraries on android, ios, linux and osx

  •    Shell

Scripts to build boost for different platforms (macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Linux, Android) and package it as a Maven tarball and/or an Apple Framework. Libraries are packaged in Twilio style, grouped by variant (debug/release) and then by platform architecture beneath the variant. This makes debug/x86, debug/armv7 etc folders that are consumable by Twilio builds.

obs-docu - Official Open Build Service Documentation


This is the official, edited and reviewed documentation for the Open Build Service (OBS). To work on this document you need to install the package daps in version 2.4.0 or later. Install the latest version from the Documentation:Tools repository.

boot-bundle - boot-bundle: managed dependencies for boot, the clojure build tool

  •    Clojure

Boot-bundle: managed dependencies for boot. Don't repeat yourself for library coordinates. Upgrade once, upgrade everywhere.

FoBiS - FoBiS.py, Fortran projects Building System for poor people

  •    Python

A KISS tool for automatic building modern Fortran projects. GNU Make, CMake, SCons & Co. are fantastic tools, even too much for poor-fortran-people.

BuildAMation - Build system and project generator for C/C++ desktop software development

  •    CSharp

BuildAMation (Bam) is a build system and project generator written in C#, tuned for building C and C++ software on Windows, Linux and OSX desktop platforms. For more details, tutorials and help, please visit buildamation.com.

cacheify - Browserify transform wrapper that caches the transforms between runs to improve performance

  •    Javascript

Cacheify is a caching layer for browserify transforms. You specify a transform and a cache and it handles the rest by wrapping everything in its own browserify transform that you'll pass to the bundling process. You can also specify custom filter and hash functions to be specific about which files get cached, and how a file is decided to be unique.

cargo-lipo - Cargo subcommand to automatically create universal libraries for iOS.

  •    Rust

Provides a cargo lipo subcommand which automatically creates a universal library for use with your iOS application. From anywhere you would usually run cargo you can now run cargo lipo or cargo lipo --release to create a universal library for ios, which can be found in $target/universal/{release|debug}/$lib_name.a.

docker-builder - Docker builder (a.k.a. "Bob") builds Docker images from a friendly config file.

  •    Go

Bob, the docker-builder, builds, tags, and pushes multiple Docker images, all from a friendly Bobfile config file.