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realize - Go build system with file watcher, live reload and output streams

  •    Go

Automate the most recurring operations needed for development, define what you need only one time, integrate additional tools of third party, define custom cli commands and reload projects at each file change without stop to write code.Various operations can be programmed for each project, which can be executed at startup, at stop, and at each file change.

realize - Realize is the #1 Golang Task Runner which enhance your workflow by automating the most common tasks and using the best performing Golang live reloading

  •    Go

It will create a .realize.yaml file if doesn't already exist, add the working directory as project and run your workflow. ⚠️ The additional arguments must go after the params: 💡 The start command can be used with a project from its working directory without make a config file (--no-config).

build - Armbian build tools

  •    Shell

Supported build environment is Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 x64 (minimal iso image). Make sure that full path to the build script does not contain spaces.

Bear - Build EAR

  •    C

Bear is a tool that generates a compilation database for clang tooling. The JSON compilation database is used in the clang project to provide information on how a single compilation unit is processed. With this, it is easy to re-run the compilation with alternate programs.

air - ☁️ Live reload for Go apps

  •    Go

Air is yet another live-reloading command line utility for Go applications in development. Just air in your project root directory, leave it alone, and focus on your code. NOTE: This tool has nothing to do with hot-deploy for production.

hefesto - A multi platform build system.

  •    C

Hefesto is a multi platform build system which currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MINIX, Solaris, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Windows.The main Hefesto's feature is allow a more programmatic build scripting.

pro - a Java 9 compatible build tool

  •    Java

With the introduction of modules in Java 9, creating modules/jars is easier and new applications will tend to have many more, smaller modules than before. The build model of Maven is not well suited to describe this new world. There is a small demo in the github project pro-demo.

makeme - Embedthis MakeMe

  •    C

Embedthis MakeMe. A modern replacement for autoconf/make. See LICENSE.md for details.

system-buildah - Simple toolbox for building system containers

  •    Python

Simple toolbox for building system images. Read more on the Project Atomic Blog. The list of requirements are limited to keep portability between OS variations as simple as possible.

sampctl - The Swiss Army Knife of SA:MP - vital tools for any server owner or library maintainer.

  •    Go

The Swiss Army Knife of SA:MP - vital tools for any server owner or library maintainer. sampctl is a command-line development tool for developing SA:MP Pawn scripts. It includes a package manager, a build tool and a configuration manager.

zeus - An Electrifying Build System

  •    Go

ZEUS is a modern build system featuring support for writing build targets in multiple scripting languages, an interactive shell with tab completion and customizable ANSI color profiles as well as support for keybindings. It parses the zeus directory in your project, to find commands either via a single file zeus/commands.yml or via scripts in the zeus/scripts directory.