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bugsnag-laravel - Bugsnag notifier for the Laravel PHP framework. Monitor and report Laravel errors.

  •    PHP

The Bugsnag Notifier for Laravel gives you instant notification of errors and exceptions in your Laravel PHP applications. We support both Laravel and Lumen. Learn more about Laravel error reporting from Bugsnag. v1 of our Laravel package supports Laravel 4. You can find it on our 1.7 branch.

SingleBugs - A simple single person bug tracker

  •    Go

Singlebugs is a sole developer focused bug tracking tool. It takes its interface interface cues from Outlook's three panel design where the leftmost are the projects, the middle the issues and the right running commentary. It has a fulltext search bar which searches across all three streams making a very fluid development experience. Since it is designed to work locally it is also very fast.

bugsnag-js - Javascript notifier for Bugsnag. Monitor and report JavaScript errors.

  •    Javascript

Automatically detect JavaScript errors on your website, get real-time error alerts and detailed diagnostic reports. Get cross-browser error detection and see errors grouped by browser, browser version, OS, and more. Learn more about JavaScript error reporting from Bugsnag. Use the following plugins and guides to integrate Bugsnag with various frameworks.


  •    Silverlight

Bugs for silverlight and html5


  •    DotNet

BugTracker.NET is a free, open-source, web-based bug or customer support issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server (or its free cousin SQL Server Express). It is in daily use by thousands of development and support teams around the world. BugTracker.NE...

postcss-normalize - Use the parts of normalize.css you need from your browserlist

  •    CSS

PostCSS Normalize lets you use the parts of normalize.css you need, based on your project’s browserlist. Use @import-normalize to determine where normalize.css rules will be included. Duplicate @import-normalize rules will be removed. See all the Options for more information.

bugsnag-php - Bugsnag error monitoring and error reporting for PHP apps

  •    PHP

The Bugsnag error reporter for PHP gives you instant notification of errors and exceptions in your PHP applications. Learn more about automatic PHP error reporting with Bugsnag. Includes error monitoring and error reporting support for Laravel, Lumen, Symfony, Silex, Magento, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Wordpress, and other PHP apps.

bugsnag-react-native - Error monitoring and reporting for native exceptions and JS errors in React Native apps

  •    Javascript

Automatic React Native crash reporting with Bugsnag helps you detect both native OS and JavaScript errors in your React Native apps. All contributors are welcome! For information on how to build, test and release bugsnag-react-native, see our contributing guide.

bugs.js - A NodeJS library providing a unified interface to common debuggers (gdb, jdb, pdb, ...)

  •    Javascript

Right now we interface with the current debugger through their command line programs and smartly writing and reading from their stdout/stdin.Run until current method returns.

Ajimi - Ajimi means tasting

  •    Swift

Ajimi means tasting. In Japanese, 味見. Ajimi is the feedback tool, which anyone can easily feedback to project team any time. Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa application.

BLeak - BLeak: Automatically Debugging Memory Leaks in Web Applications

  •    TypeScript

BLeak automatically finds, ranks, and diagnoses memory leaks in the client-side of web applications. BLeak uses a short developer-provided script to drive the application in a loop through specific visual states (e.g., the inbox view and email view of a mail client) as an oracle to find memory leaks. In our experience, BLeak's precision is often 100% (e.g., no false positives), and fixing the leaks it finds reduces heap growth by 94% on average on a corpus of real production web apps.

why_bump_android_minsdk - Why you should bump your Android app minsdk?


You should always keep bumping your minSdk version for the Android app. Newer API levels (OS versions in Android) come with more fixes and features that you can start using. But if you're required to make that case, this document should help. Android Studio currently already provides a neat listing (with a picker and all) everytime you create an Android Studio project. For the lazy, i'll include a screenshot from each of those APIs.

cute-logger - :speech_balloon: Simple way to log messages in stdout or other stream.

  •    Javascript

Simple way to log messages in stdout or other stream. Please post questions on Stack Overflow. You can open issues with questions, as long you add a link to your Stack Overflow question.

tracehash - Compress long exception traces down to short signatures

  •    Java

TraceHash hashes your exceptions into exception signatures that formalize the intuitive notion of "exception sameness": exceptions with the same signature are normally considered "the same" (e.g. when filing bug reports). Should we compare the entire stacktrace? No, folklore and experience tells us that only the last few stacktrace entries are important.

easybuggy4django - EasyBuggy clone built on Django

  •    Python

EasyBuggy clone built on Django 2.0. EasyBuggy is a broken web application in order to understand behavior of bugs and vulnerabilities, for example, memory leak, deadlock, infinite loop, SQL injection and so on.

interpreter-bugs - Fuzzing results for various interpreters.

  •    Ruby

Fuzzing results for various interpreters. I gave a talk about this project at WarCon 2017. Slides are available. References section might come in handy.

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