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redux-bug-reporter - :bug: A bug reporter and bug playback tool for redux. :bug:

  •    Javascript

Redux Bug Reporter puts minimal overhead on redux actions. However, it does keep copies of initial state, final state on bug submission, and full copies of all actions dispatched. For an application with heavy actions (such as network requests with large payloads) or very frequent actions, Redux Bug Reporter will gradually take up more and more memory. As such, it's probably a good idea to disable in production by default. The examples below demonstrate the expected common behavior of only enabling Redux Bug Reporter in non-production environments. Redux Bug Reporter disables itself by default if window is undefined, so it will not negatively impact server side renders.

TablePlus - Report bug/request new feature


This repository is currently being used for hosting the official issue & bug tracker of TablePlus. Report bugs/request new feature: issues.

react-native-exception-handler - A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions

  •    Objective-C

A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions. The module helps prevent abrupt crashing of RN Apps without a graceful message to the user. V2 of this module now supports catching Unhandled Native Exceptions also along with the JS Exceptions ✌🏻🍻 There are NO breaking changes. So its safe to upgrade from v1 to v2. So there is no reason not to 😉.

bugsnag-js - Javascript notifier for Bugsnag. Monitor and report JavaScript errors.

  •    Javascript

Automatically detect JavaScript errors on your website, get real-time error alerts and detailed diagnostic reports. Get cross-browser error detection and see errors grouped by browser, browser version, OS, and more. Learn more about JavaScript error reporting from Bugsnag. Use the following plugins and guides to integrate Bugsnag with various frameworks.

bounty-targets-data - This repo contains hourly-updated data dumps of Hackerone/Bugcrowd scopes that are eligible for reports


The last change was detected on Friday 10/12/2018 13:30 (UTC). New changes (if any) are picked up hourly. The code used to generate these files lives in the bounty-targets repo.

ios-safe-audio-context - create a WebAudio context that works in iOS and everywhere else

  •    Javascript

Creates a AudioContext that works as expected in desktop and mobile, particularly across iOS devices.There is a bug in iOS where the AudioContext sampleRate is sometimes not what you would expect, and as a result, all WebAudio plays with heavy distortion. This occurs when you play an audio/video element with a different sample rate, or when you first boot up Safari (tested on iOS9.2, iPhone5S, no headphones).

BLT - OWASP BLT is a bug logging tool to report issues and get points, companies are held accountable

  •    Javascript

Report issues and get points, companies are held accountable. A floating bug reporting button for your website which redirects back to Bugheist and help's users to report bug for that specific page. Just embed this script within body tag of your page to enable this plugin.

FB-Android-Crash - How to crash the integrated browser in FB for Android? Let's open that URL!

  •    HTML

First of all integrated in-app browsers suck. It's easier for them to track what you read on the web more aggressively and that's not very good.

ntask - Taskmanagement, your way!

  •    Javascript

Ntask supports sorting and filtering of TODO-comments from your source-code in such a way that only reg-ex elitists would be able to do in a snap. First you need to tell ntask to start tracking your project.

BLeak - BLeak: Automatically Debugging Memory Leaks in Web Applications

  •    TypeScript

BLeak automatically finds, ranks, and diagnoses memory leaks in the client-side of web applications. BLeak uses a short developer-provided script to drive the application in a loop through specific visual states (e.g., the inbox view and email view of a mail client) as an oracle to find memory leaks. In our experience, BLeak's precision is often 100% (e.g., no false positives), and fixing the leaks it finds reduces heap growth by 94% on average on a corpus of real production web apps.

mouse-change - Mouse state change listener

  •    Javascript

Listens for any mouse state changes. Listens for any mouse state changes on the given element.

mouse-event - Cross browser mouse event property access

  •    Javascript

Provides a normalized, cross-browser, garbage-collection-free API for reading out the state of a mouse event. Because it is 2015 and somehow every major browser still disagrees on even the most basic details of MouseEvents. Seriously guys.

hubot-jira-bot - Lets you search for JIRA tickets, open them, transition them thru different states, comment on them, rank them up or down, start or stop watching them or change who is assigned to a ticket

  •    CoffeeScript

Lets you search for JIRA tickets, open them, transition them thru different states, comment on them, rank them up or down, start or stop watching them or change who is assigned to a ticket. Also, notifications for assignments, mentions and watched tickets. Note that HUBOT_JIRA_USERNAME should be the JIRA username, this is not necessarily the username used if you log in via the web. To determine a user's username, log in as that user via the web, and check the user profile. Frequently, users may log in using an email address such as 'bob@somewhere.com' or a stem, such as 'bob'; these may or may not match the username in JIRA.

silverstripe-sentry - Flexible Sentry Client for SilverStripe

  •    PHP

Sentry is an error and exception aggregation service. It takes your application's errors and stores them for later analysis and debugging. Imagine this: You see exceptions before your client does. This means the error > report > debug > patch > deploy cycle is the most efficient it can possibly be.

town-crier - A simple way to submit feedback to :atom: or any package

  •    Javascript

A simple way to submit feedback to Atom or any installed package. When testing the issue creation flow, it is useful to direct the creation of new issues to a test repository so as to not create noise in normal package repositories. When in Dev Mode town-crier will add a special package name to the list of available packages: test-creating-issues-here. This package will direct issues creation to the repo at https://github.com/${process.env.TOWN_CRIER_TEST_REPO}/.

Instabug-React-Native - In-app feedback and bug reporting tool for React Native

  •    Objective-C

Upgrading? Check the Upgrade Guide before bumping to a new major version. Instabug is an in-app feedback and bug reporting tool for mobile apps. With just a simple shake, your users or beta testers can report bugs or send in-app feedback and the SDK will capture an environment snapshot of your user's device including all console logs, server-side network requests and bug reproduction steps compiling all these details in one organised dashboard to help you debug and fix bugs faster.

web-sdk-sample - Bug reporting tool for web

  •    HTML

Instabug web sdk is a javascript library provides an easy way to report bugs from your website or webapp. the init function is used to used to initialize the SDK and render the report bug button.

vue2-sentry - Plugin Vue.js for error tracking with Sentry

  •    Javascript

If you do not already have a Sentry account, you will need to create it to gain access to the panel and the keys to integrate your Vue.js application into Sentry and start tracking errors and logs. When installing the plugin using Vue.use it is possible to define an object by passing the default settings and the keys needed to build the DSN communication and make the tracking work the errors.

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