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storm - Simple and powerful toolkit for BoltDB

  •    Go

Storm is a simple and powerful toolkit for BoltDB. Basically, Storm provides indexes, a wide range of methods to store and fetch data, an advanced query system, and much more.In addition to the examples below, see also the examples in the GoDoc.

django-s3direct - Add direct uploads to S3 with a progress bar to file input fields

  •    Javascript

Add direct uploads to AWS S3 functionality with a progress bar to file input fields. With 1.0.0 supporting multipart-upload, most of the internals have been changed, a new endpoint has been added, and support has been dropped for old style positional settings. There are also new requirements to allow GET and HEAD cross-origin requests to S3, as well as the ETAG header. Django compatibility has been raised to >=1.8.

bolthold - BoltHold is an embeddable NoSQL store for Go types built on BoltDB

  •    Go

BoltHold is a simple querying and indexing layer on top of a Bolt DB instance. For a similar library built on Badger see BadgerHold. The goal is to create a simple, higher level interface on top of Bolt DB that simplifies dealing with Go Types and finding data, but exposes the underlying Bolt DB for customizing as you wish. By default the encoding used is Gob, so feel free to use the GobEncoder/Decoder interface for faster serialization. Or, alternately, you can use any serialization you want by supplying encode / decode funcs to the Options struct on Open.

study - A simple, progressive, client/server AB testing library 📚

  •    Javascript

A progressive, client/server AB testing library. Study is an AB testing library designed to be clear, minimal, and flexible. It works in both the server and browser with the use of driver-based persistence layers.

mendel - Build toolchain for experimentation on isomorphic web applications with tree-inheritance and multivariate support

  •    Javascript

Mendel is a framework for building and serving client side JavaScript bundles for A/B testing experiments in web applications.It is meant to be simple and easy to use on a daily basis. It works very well for small applications and small teams, but also scale for complex use cases that large applications or larger teams might need.

node-couchnode - Sane Couchbase bucket interface for handling common operations the right way.

  •    Javascript

Sane official Couchbase client wrapper for handling multi key and other common operations the right way.This module is a wrapper for the official client. Documentation of the official module can be found here.

flood-fill - A simple 2D JavaScript flood fill.

  •    Javascript

A simple 2D flood fill for use with ndarrays.You could use this to re-implement Microsoft Paint's bucket fill in JavaScript, or in procedural dungeon generation to identify disconnected rooms.

ex_rated - ExRated, the Elixir OTP GenServer with the naughty name that allows you to rate-limit calls to any service that requires it

  •    Elixir

If you use the PhoenixFramework there is also a great blog post on Rate Limiting a Phoenix API by danielberkompas describing how to write a plug to use ExRated in your own API. Its fast and its easy. The ExRated.check_rate function will return an {:ok, Integer} tuple if its OK to proceed with your rate limited function. The Integer returned is the current value of the incrementing counter showing how many times in the time scale window your function has already been called. If you are over limit a {:error, Integer} tuple will be returned where the Integer is always the limit you have specified in the function call.

s3-files - Stream selected files from an Amazon s3 bucket/folder.

  •    Javascript

Stream selected files from an Amazon s3 bucket/folder. Refer to the AWS SDK for authenticating to AWS prior to using this plugin.

cacheman - Small and efficient cache provider for Node

  •    Javascript

Small and efficient cache provider for Node.JS with In-memory, File, Redis and MongoDB engines. Create cacheman instance. It accepts an name(optional) and options(optional). options can contain ttl to set the default "Time To Live" in seconds, delimiter to change the delimiter used for array keys (default: ':'), Promise can set a Promise library to use for promises, engine that could be "memory", "in file", "redis" or "mongo", and the corresponding engine options that can be passed like port, host, etc.

node-s3-npm - publish packages to your own s3 bucket, install an resolve nested private or public deps without replacing or hacking npm

  •    Javascript

i do not recommend using this module in it's current state. it uses old and unsupported npm apis and it doesnt use scopes for private namespaces. Publish packages to your own s3 bucket, install and resolve nested private or public deps without replacing or hacking npm.

leaky-bucket - A fast and efficient leaky bucket implementation

  •    Javascript

If you do not pass a callback a promise is returned. The first argument of the callback is an error object (or the promise fails) if the item could not be executed because the max waiting time was exceeded.

bucket-runner - Run a command in parallel, distributing the input files to each.

  •    Javascript

Run a command in parallel, distributing the input files to each process and buffer the output to prevent interleaving. Kind of like xargs but with control over output. Output is buffered (and untouched), so it will still be linear and whole when tests finish.

bucket-assets - Uploads a folder of static assets to an s3 bucket with convenient defaults.

  •    Javascript

Bucket Assets is used in deploys of Artsy apps, but may be useful for you too. Run the CLI in your deployment process. You may omit these arguments if you use the defaults below.

cloudExplorer - Cloud Explorer

  •    Java

Cloud Explorer is a open-source S3 client. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It has a graphical and command line interface for each supported operating system. If you have a feature suggestion or find a bug, please open an issue. For the latest stable release, click Download.

graphql-server-file-upload-example - 💾 GraphQL Server examples: File API

  •    TypeScript

This example illustrates the implementation of File API with GraphQL Server pattern. The best example for GraphQL Server basic usage can be found here: https://github.com/graphcool/graphql-server-example . You can upload files to a project by doing a multipart/form-data HTTP request to the File API http://localhost:5000/upload.

scoops - :fries: A bucket of tasty scoop flavored apps.

  •    Python

Scoop is apt-get (or homebrew) for Windows. To view existing bugs, or report a new bug, please see issues.

terraform-aws-cloudtrail-s3-bucket - S3 bucket with built in IAM policy to allow CloudTrail logs

  •    HCL

Terraform module to provision an S3 bucket with built in policy to allow CloudTrail logs. This is useful if an organization uses a number of separate AWS accounts to isolate the Audit environment from other environments (production, staging, development).

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