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bili - 🥂 Delightful library bundler.

  •    Javascript

Delightful library bundler.In umd format it inlines node modules (could be turned off) so it takes a bit longer.

gulp-buble - Compile ES2015 with buble

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the buble issue tracker.

buba - Bublé transform for your esnext tests + a little bit of Babel

  •    Javascript

Because a wise man once said your source code should be transpiled with same tool as your tests to avoid any hidden bugs. The primary transformer here is Bublé we only use Babel for support with module import/exports.

snabbdom-pragma - 'NotReact.createElement' jsx pragma although for snabbdom

  •    Javascript

Snabbdom-pragma is the favorite way to use the Facebook JSX syntax with the virtual DOM library Snabbdom. Based on many principles, Snabbdom-pragma, aim to handle the same API as React.createElement to take all benefits from the most used transpilers proven by the wider React community. Snabbdom-pragma draws its strength thanks to the Snabbdom, Facebook JSX, and React.createElement specs with some grounded tests.

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