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reaviz - 📊 Data visualization library for React based on D3

  •    TypeScript

REAVIZ is a modular chart component library that leverages React natively for rendering the components while using D3js under the hood for calculations. The library provides an easy way to get started creating charts without sacrificing customization ability.

d3-bubble-matrix - A bubble matrix using d3

  •    Javascript

A bubble matrix, for representing any kind of bidimensional data.This will draw a bubble matrix. You can find this example in the app/index.html folder.

bubbles-chart - A javascript library to build bubble chart using d3 and d3plus

  •    Javascript

Download the latest version library and include it in your html. Container where the list will build.

arty-charty - React Native plugin for rendering charts using ART

  •    Javascript

The goal of ARTy Charty is to produce animated, interactive, performant charts. It uses React Native ART to render the charts. Arty Charty does not rely on 3rd party libraries, such as D3, to produce the charts. This keeps the size of the library small (<80kb uncompressed and not-minified) and chart generating functions can be optimised for speed. We noticed some issues with the ART library, so we switched to use react-native-svg instead.