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Magnetic - SpriteKit Floating Bubble Picker (inspired by Apple Music)

  •    Swift

Magnetic is a customizable bubble picker like the Apple Music genre selection. A Magnetic object is an SKScene.

BubblePopupWindow - Android 实现各个方向的气泡弹窗,可控制气泡尖角偏移量。

  •    Java

Android 实现各个方向的气泡弹窗,可控制气泡尖角偏移量。


  •    JQuery

Akita is a light-weight and customizable jQuery plugin that helps web developers create smarter tooltips easily and efficiently.

d3-bubble-matrix - A bubble matrix using d3

  •    Javascript

A bubble matrix, for representing any kind of bidimensional data.This will draw a bubble matrix. You can find this example in the app/index.html folder.

bubblesort - Bubble Sort implementation with O(n^2) complexity.

  •    Javascript

Bubble Sort implementation wth O(n^2) complexity based on JavaScript Algorithms. Bubble sort is a simple sorting algorithm that repeatedly steps through the list to be sorted, compares each pair of adjacent items and swaps them if they are in the wrong order.

noticon - Notification bubble favicons

  •    Javascript

Initialize a new Noticon with optional CSS selector used for styling, this defaults to ".noticon". Update the number to n, this will automatically draw the bubble and replace the favicon.

react-native-listener - A utility component to allow easy access to browser native events

  •    Javascript

A utility component to allow easy access to browser native events. Please don't confuse this library with anything to do with React Native. This library is for dealing directly with browser native events.


  •    Javascript

Important: What is demonstrated here, is not officially supported by Autodesk, and may break in future. This is why this sample is posted on my private github repo. You should be using this 'offline' approach only when you are developing an applicationile in development, for backup reasons, or when your application does not have access to the internet. Note: For using this sample, you need a valid oAuth credential for the translation / extraction portion. Visit this page for instructions to get on-board.

android-tutorial-bubbles - A little ui framework that displays a styled tutorial bubble, which positions and scales itself based on a given anchor view

  •    Java

A little ui framework that displays a styled tutorial bubble, which positions and scales itself based on a given anchor view. The library uses two approaches to display the tutorial bubble. If you supply a parent view within the builder, the parent will be used to draw the tutorial. If no parent view is set and you set android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission in your manifest instead, the system window will be used to draw the bubble. In the later case, you'll need to relay the onResume() and onPause() events from either an activity or fragment to your tutorial.

BeerProgressView - A library that lets you create a beer styled progress view with bubbles and all! (hic)

  •    Java

To use BeerProgressView in your projects, simply add the library as a dependency to your build. Alternatively you can directly import the /library project into your Android Studio project and add it as a dependency in your build.gradle.

ChatImageViewDemo - 仿微信镶嵌图片的聊天窗口气泡

  •    Java


DynamicBubble - Interactive Speech Balloon/Bubble view with rich customization UI for app user.

  •    Swift

DynamicBubble view gives app user power to construct speech/annotation bubbles using built-in control points and gestures. All properties have default values, so this step is optional.

comicbubbles - CSS-only 8 bit-like comic balloons

  •    CSS

Simple CSS only, one element, 8 Bit-like comic bubble. Based on http://wigflip.com/ds/. IE 9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera...

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