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BTree - Fast sorted collections for Swift using in-memory B-trees

  •    Swift

This project provides an efficient in-memory B-tree implementation in pure Swift, and several useful sorted collection types that use B-trees for their underlying storage. Map<Key, Value> implements a sorted mapping from unique comparable keys to arbitrary values. It is like Dictionary in the standard library, but it does not require keys to be hashable, it has strong guarantees on worst-case performance, and it maintains its elements in a well-defined order.


  •    CSharp

A library providing a handful of useful data structures omitted from the .NET framework.

locket - A pure-JavaScript implementation of LevelDB for LevelUP.

  •    Javascript

Salvage Necklace 5: Inside Locket by B Zedan. A pure-JavaScript LevelDB implementation backed by a durable and persistent evented I/0 b-tree for use with LevelUP.

strata - Evented I/O B-tree for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

The Wave by Rick Z.. An Evented I/O B-tree for Node.js.

data-structures - Go datastructures.

  •    Go

Copyright 2013, Licensed under the GPL version 2. Please reach out to me directly if you require another licensing option. I am willing to work with you. To collect many important data structures for usage in go programs. Golang's standard library lacks many useful and important structures. This library attempts to fill the gap. I have implemented data-structure's as I have needed them. If there is a missing structure or even just a missing (or incorrect) method open an issue, send a pull request, or send an email patch.

fs2 - B+ Tree - List - File Structures 2 - Memory Mapped File Structures for Go

  •    Go

Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or at your option any later version. If you need another licensing option please contact me directly. In my academic research some of the algorithms I work on (such as frequent subgraph mining) have exponential characteristics in their memory usage. In order to run these algorithms on larger data sets they need to be able to transparently cache less popular parts of the data to disk. However, in general it is best to keep as much data in memory as possible.

squuid - Semi-sequential universally unique identifiers

  •    Javascript

TODO: node-uuid looks to be encoding the time bits in little-endian, which marginally decreases the monotonicity properties you want for optimal btree inserts.

simpledbm - SimpleDBM is an Open Source Multi-Threaded Embeddable Transactional Database Engine in Java

  •    Java

SimpleDBM is an Open Source Transactional Database Engine in Java. It has a very small footprint and can be embedded in the address space of an application. It provides a simple programming API, which can be learned very quickly. A simple network API is available for remote access. SimpleDBM is available via Maven Central. The latest release is 1.0.23. If you discover bugs please report as I will do my best to fix bugs. Enhancements are currently on hold due to lack of time.

gostore - Storage algorithms.

  •    Go

Package storage implement a collection of storage algorithm and necessary tools and libraries. Applications wishing to use this package please checkout interfaces defined under api/.

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