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awesome-coins - ₿ A guide (for humans!) to cryto-currencies and their algos.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. There are many algorithms used in many different crypto–currencies. This document serves to provide a simple map to reference which are for what, as well as provide a nice list of helpful services and utilities for managing coins.

ccxt - A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for more than 100 bitcoin/altcoin exchanges

A JavaScript / Python / PHP library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce with support for many bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs. The CCXT library is used to connect and trade with cryptocurrency / altcoin exchanges and payment processing services worldwide. It provides quick access to market data for storage, analysis, visualization, indicator development, algorithmic trading, strategy backtesting, bot programming, webshop integration and related software engineering.

btc - a command-line bitcoin price board for geeks

make sure every api has its unique url site and fill param currency.

TradeHill Trading API Wrapper

This project is a very simple .NET wrapper around the TradeHill Trading API to allow for easy integration of automated TradeHill functionality into .NET software projects geared towards trading of Bitcoins for fiat currencies.

npm-kraken-api - NodeJS Client Library for the Kraken (kraken.com) API

Thanks to @tehsenaus and @petermrg for pointing this out. I used the example php implementation at https://github.com/payward/kraken-api-client and the python implementation at https://github.com/veox/python3-krakenex as references.

node.bittrex.api - No longer maintained

This repository will no longer be maintained, issue reports and pull requests will not be attended. Over the last 3 years i've poured quite a few hours in this project without a satoshi in return and lately it consumes more and more of my time and attention which i need for my family as well for my clients.

Cashier-BTC - 💰 Self-hosted Bitcoin payment gateway (฿)

Self-hosted Node.js Bitcoin payment gateway. Provides REST API (microservice). Process Bitcoin payments on your end, securely, with no comission.Request payments (invoicing), check payments (whether invoice is paid), receive callbacks if payment is made. Aggregate funds on final (aggregational) address. Depends on Nodejs v8+, Bitcoin Core, Couchdb for storage.

bitstamp - Bitstamp REST API wrapper

A basic API wrapper for the Bitstamp REST API. Please refer to their documentation for all calls explained. Check out example.js for a list of all possible calls and their parameters.Please note that API v2 endpoints rounding is different, than the one used on the old endpoints.

bitstamp-ws - Nodejs Wrapper for the Bitstamp WebSocket API

Nodejs Wrapper for the Bitstamp WebSocket API.And check out the example in example.js for full configuration and all available channels.

btcchina - A basic node.js API wrapper for the BTCChina REST API

A basic API wrapper for the BTCChina Trading and Market API.Please refer to the documentation of the Trading API and for the Market API for all calls explained. Check out example.js for a list of all possible calls and their parameters.

bitfinex-api-node - BITFINEX NodeJS trading API - Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether exchange

Version 1.0.0 supports the new v2 Websocket and Rest API. As Network calls are slow, the data is sent as lists.In order to reconstruct key / value pairs, set opts.transform to true.

btcnodejs - A Nodejs SegWit-compliant library which provides tools to handle Bitcoin data structures in a simple fashion

btcnodejs is a Segwit-compliant bitcoin library which provides tools for managing bitcoin data structures. It is the NodeJS version of btcpy.Some of the functionalities are a wrapping around bitcore-lib and bitcoinjs-lib, and their development is still in progress.

bitwrk - Bitcoin-fueled Peer-to-Peer Blender Rendering (and more)

Artists use Blender, a powerful yet free 3D software, to create impressive pictures and movies. This a requires a time-consuming, and costly, production step called rendering.BitWrk integrates with Blender and makes rendering much quicker by dispatching it to a swarm of computers.

cryptox - Common API wrapper for multiple crypto currency exchanges

cryptox is a node.js wrapper for REST API for multiple crypto currency exchanges.cryptox manages API communication with different exchanges and provides common methods for all exchanges. Differences between the different API's are abstracted away.

poloLender - Free, open source, high performance bot for lending funds on Poloniex exchange

poloLender Pro is an automated engine for lending funds on Poloniex exchange. poloLender Pro uses advanced statistical calculation to maximize profits.poloLender Pro is an automatic bot which lends funds on Poloniex exchange.

bitcore-channel - Payment channels smart contract support for bitcore.

A module for bitcore that implements Payment Channels. Payment channels (sometimes referred as micropayment channels) are a type of smart contracts that allow rapidly adjusting bitcoin transactions. This can be used to do trustless simultaneous payments with a service provider without the need of an intermediary, and some other applications.See the main bitcore repo or the bitcore guide on Payment Channels for more information.

bitcore-message - Bitcoin Message Verification and Signing for Bitcore

bitcore-message adds support for verifying and signing bitcoin messages in Node.js and web browsers.See the main bitcore repo for more information.