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JsonFx.NET - JSON serialization framework for .NET

  •    CSharp

JsonFx v2.0 - JSON serialization framework for .NET. It has unified interface for reading / writing JSON, BSON, XML, JsonML. It implements LINQ-to-JSON, Supports reading/writing using DataContract, XmlSerialization, JsonName, attributes and lot more.

ejdb - EJDB — Embeddable JSON Database engine

  •    C

Currently we are in development of second generation of EJDB database (see the current limitations). As the first step we have developed modern key/value storage http://iowow.io which will be underlying storage engine for EJDB2. It aims to be a fast MongoDB-like library which can be embedded into C/C++, .Net, NodeJS, Python, Lua, Go, Java and Ruby applications under terms of LGPL license.

js-bson - BSON Parser for node and browser

  •    Javascript

A bson parser for node.js and the browser

ObjCMongoDB - Mac OS and iOS library for MongoDB and BSON

  •    Objective-C

ObjCMongoDB is a Mac OS and iOS library for MongoDB and BSON based on the 10gen legacy C driver.The latest release is v0.12.0.

BSON - Native Swift library for BSON (http://bsonspec.org)

  •    Swift

BSON 5 is the fastest BSON library speeding past all libraries including C. It's compliant to the whole C BSON specification test suite, and even passes official libraries in compliance slightly.It's not only fast, it's also got an extremely easy and intuitive API for extraction.

Newtonsoft.Json.Bson - Json.NET BSON adds support for reading and writing BSON to Json.NET

  •    CSharp

Json.NET BSON adds support for reading and writing BSON to Json.NET

FsPickler - A fast multi-format message serializer for .NET

  •    F#

FsPickler is a serialization library that facilitates the distribution of .NET objects. The implementation focuses on performance and completeness in supported types, including F# types. It supports multiple, pluggable serialization formats including Binary, Xml, JSON and BSON. The library is based on the functional programming concept of pickler combinators which has been adapted to accommodate the object oriented nature of the .NET framework.Packages of the library are available on Nuget [1,2.

jsonj - A fluent Java API for manipulating json data structures

  •    Java

A framework for working with json in Java the "proper" way. No mappings or model classes, it's all just lovely json, but in Java.

node-buffalo - [project inactive] Buffalo is a lightweight BSON library for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Buffalo is a lightweight BSON and Mongo Wire Protocol library for Node.js. It was built as the underlying engine for Mongolian DeadBeef. The motivation is to make a fast and simple parser and serializer for BSON.

redpack - RPC using msgpack over redis, currently supporting nodejs, ruby, and java

  •    Java

Super simple RPC using a slightly modified form of MsgPack-RPC & BSON, on top of Redis queues. Currently supports NodeJS, Ruby, and Java.

bson4jackson - A pluggable BSON generator and parser for the Jackson JSON processor.

  •    Java

This library adds support for BSON to the Jackson JSON processor. BSON is a binary representation of JSON. It has gained prominence by its usage as the main exchange and persistence format of the document-oriented database management system MongoDB.

python-bsonjs - A fast BSON to MongoDB Extended JSON converter for Python

  •    Python

A fast BSON to MongoDB Extended JSON converter for Python that uses libbson. Using bsonjs with pymongo to insert a RawBSONDocument.

transfer - Converts from one encoding to another

  •    Go

Converts from one encoding to another. Supported formats HCL ⇄ JSON ⇄ YAML⇄TOML⇄XML⇄plist⇄pickle⇄properties ...

uuid-mongodb - Generates and parses MongoDB BSON UUIDs

  •    Javascript

Generates and parses BSON UUIDs for use with MongoDB. BSON UUIDs provide better performance than their string counterparts.

mongodb-go-tutorial - Example using the MongoDB Go Driver

  •    Go

You can view the complete code for this tutorial on this GitHub repository. In order to follow along, you will need a MongoDB database to which you can connect. You can use a MongoDB database running locally, or easily create a free 500 MB database using MongoDB Atlas. The output of this may look like a warning stating something like package go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver: no Go files in (...). This is expected output from go get.

alcinoe - Alcinoe Component Library For Delphi

  •    Pascal

Alcinoe is a library visual and non-visual components for Delphi. The components can be used in commercial as well as shareware and freeware and open source projects without cost. ALVideoPlayer will render a video to a TEXTURE. This is really important because you can fully integrate the video in the delphi form and you can place any controls you want on the top of it as it's support Z-ORDER. Official delphi video player are just native video player window on the top of the form and thus not supporting Z-ORDER.

assemblyscript-bson - BSON encoder / decoder for AssemblyScript

  •    TypeScript

BSON encoder / decoder for AssemblyScript somewhat based on https://github.com/mpaland/bsonfy. Special thanks to https://github.com/MaxGraey/bignum.wasm for basic unit testing infra for AssemblyScript.