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react-brunch-demo - An ES6 React & Redux application compiled by Brunch and linted with Eslint.

  •    Javascript

This is a demo for a frontend application, powered by React & Redux, written in ES6, typed with Flow, tested with Jest and built with Brunch. Messages are extracted in ./intl/messages.

babel-brunch - Brunch plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

Brunch plugin using Babel to turn latest ECMAScript standard code into vanilla ES5 with no runtime required.All the .js files in your project will be run through the babel compiler, except those it is configured to ignore, unless you use the pattern option.

brunch.github.io - The website

  •    CSS

This is a source code repository for http://brunch.io.If you want to edit source files then you should switch to source branch and work with app directory. All files in the public dir are generated by Brunch and deployed automatically with Travis.

coffee-script-brunch - Adds CoffeeScript support to Brunch

  •    Javascript

Adds CoffeeScript support to Brunch.Install the plugin via npm with npm install --save-dev coffee-script-brunch.

coffeelint-brunch - Adds Coffeelint linting support to Brunch.

  •    Javascript

Adds coffeelint support to brunch.Install the plugin via npm with npm install --save-dev coffeelint-brunch.

deppack - Extract node modules to browser.

  •    Javascript

Extract nodejs dependencies to browser.The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

hmr-brunch - Hot Module Replacement runtime for Brunch

  •    Javascript

Allows to use Hot Module Replacement in your Brunch projects.Note: in production environment, hmr-brunch will strip all if (module.hot) { ... } conditionals.

less-brunch - Adds LESS support to Brunch

  •    Javascript

Adds LESS support to brunch.Pass options as per lessc's documentation in your brunch-config, e.g. print source-file references in output by setting dumpLineNumbers.

nunjucks-brunch - Adds nunjucks support to Brunch

  •    CoffeeScript

Adds Nunjucks support to Brunch.templatePath: Default app/views. The top-level directory where your nunjucks templates are stored. Note: Windows users will want to use app\\views.

postcss-brunch - Adds PostCSS support to brunch

  •    Javascript

Add all plugins you want to use with PostCSS in your package.json file too. For example, here we add Autoprefixer and CSS Wring.Or, use npm install --save-dev <plugin> to get latest version in package.json.

sass-brunch - Adds Sass / Scss support to brunch

  •    Javascript

Adds Sass support to brunch.Install the plugin via npm with npm install --save-dev sass-brunch.

typescript-brunch - Adds TypeScript support to Brunch

  •    Javascript

Adds TypeScript support to Brunch.Install the plugin via NPM with npm install --save-dev typescript-brunch.

npm-pipeline-rails - Use npm as part of your Rails asset pipeline

  •    Ruby

See § How it Works for an explanation of the diagram above.Rails 5.1 will be adding official support for Webpack via webpacker. In contrast, npm-pipeline-rails is far less opinionated and more flexible than webpacker, but expect better support from using Rails's official integration.

elm-brunch-starter - A Brunch template for Elm Start-App apps

  •    Javascript

Replace APPNAME with whatever makes sense for you. This will run automatically if you use the brunch new command above.

vue-brunch - Adds support to Brunch for pre-compiling single file Vue components.

  •    Javascript

Adds support to Brunch for pre-compiling single file Vue components. For 2.x support, use the master branch...

brunch-with-dragons - Brunch with Dragons - application starter

  •    LiveScript

Brunch with Dragons is a Brunch application skeleton bundled with cream of the crop technologies. Open browser-of-choice pointing to http://localhost:3333/ to see your application.

koa-spa - pushState friendly static file server, with koa

  •    Javascript

Create a Single Page Application(SPA) server with koa. Just like what pushserve does. The goal is simple, make all routes under your SPA send the same index.html, while keep assets files (css, js) under the same directory accessible.

waffel - Yet another static generator, here to help you with more concrete use cases than just your personal blog

  •    CoffeeScript

Static site generation done right tasty. Yet another static generator, here to help you with more concrete use cases than just your personal blog.

html-brunch-static - Transform static html files in brunch.

  •    Javascript

Transform static html files in brunch. html-brunch-static is a processor for brunch-static, a brunch plugin designed to handle static files. html-brunch-static can convert a variety of template languages into static html files with support for layouts and partial views.

brunch-static - Transform static files using brunch.

  •    Javascript

Transform static files using brunch. Brunch is great for doing all sorts of transpiling, compiling, minifying, uglfying, combining, and other such activities on CSS and Javascript files. But what if you have a file that isn't CSS or Javascript (and doesn't transpile into those things), and you want to convert it into something else in your output? For example, maybe you don't want to write boring HTML when you could be using something more friendly (like jade). Brunch isn't really designed for that.

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