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react-starter-kit - React Starter Kit — isomorphic web app boilerplate (Node

  •    Javascript

React Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate for web development built on top of Node.js, Express, GraphQL and React, containing modern web development tools such as Webpack, Babel and Browsersync. Helping you to stay productive following the best practices. A solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the industry.

jekyll-gulp-sass-browser-sync - A starter project including full setup for Jekyll, GulpJS, SASS & BrowserSync

  •    CSS

Here's a 1.5min screencast showing what you get. And here's a GIF showing the CSS injecting.

generator-m-ionic - Advanced workflows and setup for building rock-solid Ionic apps

  •    Javascript

Advanced workflows for building rock-solid Ionic apps: develop, prototype, test, build and deliver high quality apps with Yeoman, Gulp, Bower, Angular, Cordova and of course Ionic. All in one sexy generator. Read more ...

sage - WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow

  •    PHP

Sage is a WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow. See a working example at roots-example-project.com.

Polyvia - Low-Poly Image and Video Processing

  •    Javascript

The video version uses Webcam to get video from your local camera. Be sure to allow it to do so.

react-dashboard - React Dashboard - isomorphic web dashboard template (React

  •    Javascript

built with React, Bootstrap, React Router (with Server Side Rendering!), Redux and GraphQL based on React Starter Kit and latest industry best practices.Demo. Use following credentials: user/password.

gulp-tutorial - Code examples for my Gulp.js tutorial series

  •    Javascript

These are the files for my series Introduction to Gulp.js published on my website stefanimhoff.de. Open gulp/config.js and change settings if needed. Only the rsync settings need to be adjusted. Change the destination to a path on your webserver and change hostname and username.

browser-sync-brunch - Adds BrowserSync http://browsersync

  •    Javascript

Adds automatic browser reloading support to brunch when using the brunch watch command.The plugin uses BrowserSync technology to keep multiple browsers & devices in sync when building websites.

hexo-browsersync - BrowserSync plugin for Hexo.

  •    Javascript

BrowserSync plugin for Hexo.hexo-browsersync is transparent. Once installed, just run hexo-server as you usually do, and you will benefit from the features from browsersync.

docker-browser-sync - Docker image for BrowserSync

  •    Javascript

This Docker image wraps BrowserSync exposing its command-line interface as the ENTRYPOINT. This means you can use this image as drop-in replacement for Browser Sync's CLI. Note: please note this document assumes you're using Docker 1.9 or above.

core - Our Front-end baseplate, from mobile to desktop

  •    CSS

The Engage Interactive website baseplate. We've all played with the latest baseplate/boilerplate/bootstrap but were never truly happy with them. We've produced somewhat of a halfway house between the HTML5 Boilerplate and something like Foundation. It contains the usual basics, plus some really useful core files and project settings.

bs-pretty-message - Overlay a fullscreen message to all browsers, but maintained.

  •    HTML

Overlay a fullscreen message to all browsers. Useful for showing errors from webpack/browserify/gulp, etc. NOTE: It needs browser-sync as peer dependency.

scala.epfl.ch - Website for Scala@EPFL

  •    HTML

The site is built and hosted using GitHub Pages and Jekyll. The generated site is available at http://localhost:4000.

generator-gulp-foundation - Yeoman generator for Foundation, Gulp & libsass (gulp-sass).

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a Foundation 5 front-end web app using Gulp for the build process. I no longer maintain this project as I simply don't use Zurb Foundation anymore. But please, feel free to fork and modify/improve what's here. Thanks.

generator-sf - Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a Symfony PHP app including Browsersync, various CSS preprocessors, jspm, webpack, browserify and Service Worker

  •    Javascript

This Yeoman generator scaffolds a symfony app with full featured frontend grunt/gulp tooling. Just scaffold your app and you are ready to go. First, install Yeoman and generator-sf using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

middleman-gulp - A Middleman 4 template using Gulp.js via the external pipeline

  •    Ruby

This is a Middleman template which implements Gulp.js using the new external pipeline feature introduced in Middleman 4. Start a new Middleman site using this template.

react-app-sketch - react app sketch for a great start, built with redux, react-router, webpack and es6

  •    Javascript

Good starter scallfold, pure web app, build with React and Redux, ES6 anywhere. Single page app, push state friendly, deploy with docker. This is a Sketch for a real React App, it could be used for enterprise projects.

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