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reactql - Universal React+GraphQL starter kit: React 16, Apollo 2, Webpack 4, Styled Components 4, React Router 4, PostCSS, SSR

  •    TypeScript

Universal front-end React + GraphQL starter kit, written in Typescript. Hot code reloading. Make a change anywhere in your code base (outside of the Webpack config), and changes will be pushed down the browser automatically - without page reloads. This happens for React, Styled Components, SASS - pretty much anything.

7-Zip-zstd - 7-Zip with support for Brotli, Fast-LZMA2, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5 and Zstandard

  •    C

Zstandard v1.3.7 is a real-time compression algorithm, providing high compression ratios. It offers a very wide range of compression / speed trade-off, while being backed by a very fast decoder. Brotli v.1.0.7 is a generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm that compresses data using a combination of a modern variant of the LZ77 algorithm, Huffman coding and 2nd order context modeling, with a compression ratio comparable to the best currently available general-purpose compression methods. It is similar in speed with deflate but offers more dense compression.

lizard - Lizard (formerly LZ5) is an efficient compressor with very fast decompression

  •    C

Lizard library is based on frequently used LZ4 library by Yann Collet but the Lizard compression format is not compatible with LZ4. Lizard library is provided as open-source software using BSD 2-Clause license. The high compression/decompression speed is achieved without any SSE and AVX extensions. The following results are obtained with lzbench and -t16,16 using 1 core of Intel Core i5-4300U, Windows 10 64-bit (MinGW-w64 compilation under gcc 6.2.0) with silesia.tar which contains tarred files from Silesia compression corpus.

rust-brotli - Brotli decompressor written in rust that optionally avoids the stdlib

  •    Rust

no dependency on the Rust stdlib: this library would be ideal for decompressing within a rust kernel among other things.This is useful to see how C and Rust compare in an apples-to-apples comparison where the same algorithms and data structures and optimizations are employed.

nano-nginx - Nano container with nginx preconfigured as reverse proxy


Dockerfile used to build image. The server try to find the setting file nginx.conf in /etc/nginx folder, you can use default installation settings from your distro, the only thing you have to do is to mount the settings folder in the docker container.

fastify-compress - Fastify compression utils

  •    Javascript

Adds compression utils to the Fastify reply object. Support gzip, deflate and brotli. This plugins adds two functionalities to Fastify, a compress utility and a global compression hook.

libbrotli - meta project to build libraries from the brotli source code

  •    Makefile

Wrapper scripts and code around the brotli code base. Builds libraries out of the brotli decode and encode sources. Uses autotools.

css-size - Display the size of a CSS file.

  •    Javascript

Compare the size of a CSS file after processing it to the original. Results are shown for uncompressed as well as when compressed using gzip and brotli. For most users, one of the compressed sizes will best represent what will be served to a client in production. It also provides a better comparison between the minified and the original CSS.

Brotli-IIS - Brotli Compression Scheme Plugin for Microsoft IIS 7+

  •    C

Brotli is a new-ish open-sourced compression algorithm specifically designed for HTTP content encoding. The algorithm and reference encoder/decoder libraries were created by Google. Brotli offers significantly better compression than gzip with very little additional compression cost and almost no additional decompression cost.

KatWeb - A lightweight static web server and reverse proxy designed for the modern web.

  •    Go

To download KatWeb, you can either download a packaged release from the releases page, or compile KatWeb from the source code in the repository (not recommended, code in the repository is not suitable for production use). After you have extracted the compressed release, you can run the right build for your platform. The root folder for serving files is /html/, the configuration is /conf.json. Documentation for KatWeb can be found on the KatWeb Wiki.

lzbench - lzbench is an in-memory benchmark of open-source LZ77/LZSS/LZMA compressors

  •    C

lzbench is an in-memory benchmark of open-source LZ77/LZSS/LZMA compressors. It joins all compressors into a single exe. At the beginning an input file is read to memory. Then all compressors are used to compress and decompress the file and decompressed file is verified. This approach has a big advantage of using the same compiler with the same optimizations for all compressors. The disadvantage is that it requires source code of each compressor (therefore Slug or lzturbo are not included). To remove one of compressors you can add -DBENCH_REMOVE_XXX to DEFINES in Makefile (e.g. DEFINES += -DBENCH_REMOVE_LZ4 to remove LZ4). You also have to remove corresponding *.o files (e.g. lz4/lz4.o and lz4/lz4hc.o).

compress - Collection of compression related Go packages.

  •    Go

NOTE: This library is in active development. As such, there are no guarantees about the stability of the API. The author reserves the right to arbitrarily break the API for any reason. Of these three, the first objective is often at odds with the other two objectives and provides interesting challenges. Higher performance can often be achieved by muddling abstraction layers or using non-intuitive low-level primitives. Also, more features and functionality, while useful in some situations, often complicates the API. Thus, this package will attempt to satisfy all the goals, but will defer to favoring maintainability when the performance or flexibility benefits are not significant enough.

gulp-brotli - gulp plugin for brotli compression/decompression

  •    Javascript

gulp-brotli is a gulp plugin for file compression/decompression using the brotli compression library via iltorb. Defaults to br. Should not include a starting dot.

iltorb - Node.js module for brotli compression/decompression with native bindings

  •    Javascript

iltorb is a Node.js package offering native bindings for the brotli compression library. This module uses prebuild to download a pre-compiled binary for your platform, if it exists. Otherwise, it will use node-gyp to build the module.

box - Box - Open Standard Archive Format, a zip killer.

  •    Rust

at your option. The EUPL is a copyleft, GPL-compatible license managed by the European Union, translated into multiple languages. See this introduction for information about the purpose, objectives and translations of the license. See also the license compatibility matrix.

CompressedStaticFiles - asp

  •    CSharp

This project allows you to server precompressed files to the browser without having to compress on demand, this is achieved by compressing/encoding your content at build time. Static nonimage files have to be precompressed using Zopfli and/or Brotli, see the example for how to do it with gulp. The files must have the exact same filename as the source + .br or .gzip (index.html would be index.html.br for the Brotli version).

compress - HTTP Compression for Go

  •    Go

Fast and easy-to-use compression package for Go applications. The only requirement is the Go Programming Language.

brotli.cr - Crystal bindings to the Google brotli compression library

  •    Crystal

Crystal bindings to the Brotli compression library. brotli shard provides both Compress::Brotli::Reader and Compress::Brotli::Writer , as well as Compress::Brotli#decode and Compress::Brotli#encode methods for quick usage.

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