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  •    Javascript

broccoli filter but with a persistent cache


  •    Javascript

foundation of any healthy brocfile


  •    TypeScript

A Broccoli plugin which compiles TypeScript files.

broccoli-babel-transpiler - Broccoli plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

A Broccoli plugin which transpiles ES6 to readable ES5 (and much more) by using Babel.You'll find three example projects using this plugin in the repository broccoli-babel-examples. Each one of them builds on top of the previous example so you can progess from bare minimum to ambitious development.

broccoli-concat - Concatenate broccoli trees

  •    Javascript

This filter is designed to be fast & good enough. It can generates source maps substantially faster than you'll get via mozilla/source-map, because it's special-cased for straight line-to-line contenation.It discovers input sourcemaps in relative URLs, including data URIs.


  •    Javascript

Given an input node, the Broccoli Funnel plugin returns a new node with only a subset of the files from the input node. The files can be moved to different paths. You can use regular expressions to select which files to include or exclude.A Broccoli node (formerly: "tree"). A node in Broccoli can be either a string that references a directory in your project or a node object returned from running another Broccoli plugin.

broccoli-merge-trees - Broccoli plugin to merge multiple trees into one

  •    Javascript

Copy multiple trees of files on top of each other, resulting in a single merged tree.overwrite: By default, broccoli-merge-trees throws an error when a file exists in multiple nodes. If you pass { overwrite: true }, the output will contain the version of the file as it exists in the last input node that contains it.

broccoli-plugin - Base class for Broccoli plugins

  •    Javascript

Call this base class constructor from your subclass constructor.inputNodes: An array of node objects that this plugin will read from. Nodes are usually other plugin instances; they were formerly known as "trees".

broccoli-yuidoc - YUIDoc generator for broccoli

  •    Javascript

This plugin provides support for generating YUIDoc via a broccoli pipeline.Additional options related to YUIDoc may be may be passed as an object yuidoc to yuidocCompiler. All of the available options can be found on YUIDoc's official documentation page.

broccoli-autoprefixer - Prefix CSS using Autoprefixer

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Autoprefixer issue tracker.See the Autoprefixer options.

broccoli-es6-transpiler - Transpile ES2015 to ES5

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the es6-transpiler issue tracker.Use the es6-transpiler options, except for filename, src, outputToConsole, outputFilename.

broccoli-jade - Compile Jade templates

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Jade issue tracker.Include paths are resolved relative to the root of the tree, not to the Jade file itself. There are however workarounds to this, for example by using broccoli-static-compiler - here's an example.

broccoli-less - Compile LESS

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the LESS issue tracker.See the LESS options.

broccoli-stylus - Compile Stylus

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Stylus issue tracker.Paths to scan for @import directives when parsing.

broccoli-sweetjs - Transpile Sweet.js macros

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the Sweet.js issue tracker.A list of macros you want to use.

broccoli-uncss - Remove unused CSS with UnCSS

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the UnCSS issue tracker.See the UnCSS options, except for raw.


  •    Javascript

These can be passed in the options object as the last argument to the Broccoli Ruby Sass plugin. Represents the public image path. When using the image-url() function in a stylesheet, this path will be prepended to the path you supply. Example: Given an imagePath of /path/to/images, background-image: image-url('image.png') will compile to background-image: url("/path/to/images/image.png").


  •    Javascript

Create a payload file based upon directory structure. This project is distributed under the MIT license.

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