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nixery - Container registry which transparently builds images using the Nix package manager

  •    Go

Nixery is a Docker-compatible container registry that is capable of transparently building and serving container images using Nix. Images are built on-demand based on the image name. Every package that the user intends to include in the image is specified as a path component of the image name.


  •    Javascript

broccoli filter but with a persistent cache


  •    Javascript

foundation of any healthy brocfile


  •    Javascript

Backs out file tree changes

broccoli-cli - Command line interface for Broccoli

  •    Javascript

Command line interface for Broccoli.The job of the broccoli command is to load and run the version of Broccoli you have installed locally to your project, irrespective of its version.


  •    Javascript

A drop in replacement for Broccoli's Watcher that uses the sane module for file watching.This package has been merged into Broccoli core and is no longer needed for Broccoli 1.0.0 and above.

broccoli-yuidoc - YUIDoc generator for broccoli

  •    Javascript

This plugin provides support for generating YUIDoc via a broccoli pipeline.Additional options related to YUIDoc may be may be passed as an object yuidoc to yuidocCompiler. All of the available options can be found on YUIDoc's official documentation page.

broccoli-fast-browserify - A caching, flexible Browserify Broccoli filter

  •    Javascript

NOTE: We are locked into browserify version < 10.2.5 because Browserify changed the way they handle symlinks, and we need to adjust broccoli-fast-browserify to handle this. As soon as broccoli-fast-browserify is fixed, we will bump the version of browserify. The broccoli-fast-browserify plugin bundles your assets with browserify.

broccoli-webpack - A Broccoli plugin for webpack

  •    Javascript

A Broccoli plugin for webpack. By participating in this project you agree to follow the Contributor Code of Conduct.

broccoli-rollup - Broccoli Plugin For Rollup

  •    TypeScript

Broccoli-rollup is a simple wrapper around Rollup. In the options object pass the rollup options.

grunt-broccoli-build - Runs a Broccoli build via Grunt.

  •    Javascript

Runs a Broccoli build via Grunt. The JavaScript Task Runner.

broccoli-watchify - Watchify plugin for Broccoli.

  •    Javascript

The broccoli-watchify plugin bundles your assets with watchify. The code of this plugin is originally based on the broccoli-browserify plugin by Gareth Andrew.

broccoli-postcss - 🌳 Postcss compiler as a Broccoli filter.

  •    Javascript

The broccoli-postcss plugin runs your css through postcss plugins of your choosing. A list of plugin objects to be used by Postcss (a minimum of 1 plugin is required).


  •    Javascript

Add stylelint to your broccoli build pipeline with ease. the default output will be the same SCSS files, in the same tree structure.

broccoli-serviceworker - ServiceWorker generator for Broccoli and Ember.js

  •    Javascript

ServiceWorker generator for Broccoli and Ember.js. Derived from broccoli-manifest. The following options allow you to specify routes that use sw-toolbox's built-in handlers. Each of these options accepts an array of URLs that can be strings or regular expressions.

broccoli-asset-rev - Broccoli plugin to add fingerprint checksums and CDN URLs to your assets

  •    Javascript

Broccoli plugin to add fingerprint checksums to your files and update the source to reflect the new filenames.

broccoli-asset-rewrite - Broccoli plugin to rewrite a source tree from an asset map.

  •    Javascript

Broccoli plugin to rewrite a source node from an asset map. The asset map should have keys of the original names and values of the new names.

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