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la-capitaine-icon-theme - La Capitaine is an icon pack designed to integrate with most desktop environments


La Capitaine is an icon pack — designed to integrate with most desktop environments. The set of icons takes inspiration from the latest iterations of macOS and Google's Material Design through the use of visually pleasing gradients, shadowing, and simple icon geometry.La Capitaine comes with a configuration script which attempts to determine your distribution and desktop environment. Using this information, La Capitaine updates several system icons and icons used for mime-types.

capitaine-cursors - An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze

  •    Shell

This is an x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. The source files were made in Inkscape, and the theme was designed to pair well with my icon pack, La Capitaine.Everything you need to build the xcursor theme is found in src/, and the prebuilt theme for GNU/Linux desktops is found in dist/.

breeze - Javascript async flow control manager

  •    Javascript

Functional async flow control library built on promises. Managing promises and async code has never been easier. Add step to flow chain.

breeze - git tool for fish-shell

  •    Shell

Shortcut tools for git command. It is inspired from SCM Breeze.

neuron - Scala library for neural networks

  •    Scala

This project is a work-in-progress, which provides a flexible framework to experiment and run neural network of heterogeneous topologies. A preliminary release will be visible soon. neuron is written in Scala which adopts the so-called "define-by-run" scheme. The simplest example to train a regularized multi-layer perceptron to predict handwritten digits from MNIST dataset. It takes around ten minutes.

aurelia-breeze-northwind - A Northwind demo using Aurelia and Breeze

  •    Javascript

This is a Northwind demo using Aurelia and Breeze. To keep up to date on Aurelia, please visit and subscribe to the official blog. If you have questions, we invite you to join us on Gitter. If you would like to have deeper insight into our development process, please install the ZenHub Chrome Extension and visit any of our repository's boards. You can get an overview of all Aurelia work by visiting the framework board.

doddle-model - :cake: doddle-model: immutable machine learning in Scala

  •    Scala

Caveat emptor! doddle-model is in an early-stage development phase. Any kind of contributions are much appreciated. For a complete list of code examples see doddle-model-examples. For an example of how to serve a trained doddle-model in a pipeline implemented with Apache Beam see doddle-beam-example.

breeze.bridge.angular - A bridge that configures Breeze and Angular to work together.

  •    TypeScript

A bridge that configures Breeze to work with Angular out of the box. This package is effectively obsolete. For Angular 4.3 and up it is recommended to use the new HttpClient service. An updated bridge which uses the HttpClient can be found here.


  •    Javascript

Breeze Labs are extensions and utilities for Breeze.js client apps that are not part of core breeze. See the Breeze Labs documentation for a discussion of the Breeze Labs concept, its limitations, and for description of individual labs.

temphire.angular - A comprehensive business application example with Angular and Breeze

  •    CSS

This example demonstrates a reference architecture for data driven business applications. It uses Angular as the overall application framework and Breeze for the distributed client data management. The application demonstrates common scenarios found in these types of applications such as multi-screen routing, master-detail views, editing, saving etc.