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Better Explorer


This is a replacement of standard windows explorer with more features for more convenient work! It features tabs, ribbon interface, context based actions.

Breadcrumb bar / Vista explorer address bar

  •    WPF

First Vista - like Breadcrumb bar / Adressbar for WPF and it's FREE :)

Ealo - Open Source Localization for DotNetNuke - by Effority.Net


Ealo is the Open Source localization component for DotNetNuke by Effority.Net; providing components for multilingual portals (dynamic content localization). Find free Ealo based modules like Text/HTML Module, Menu, Tab Localization Module and BreadCrumb in the "Package Release".

Odyssey WPF Controls

  •    WPF

odyssey controls controls for wpf and asp.net. namespace: Odyssey type: wpf contains: breadcrumbbar, explorerbar, collapsible panel, outlookbar. namespace: Odyssey.Web type: asp.net contains: OdcTreeView

redux-breadcrumb-trail - A stack-based breadcrumb component for react, react-redux, and react-router v3

  •    Javascript

This is a Breadcrumb component for react, redux, and react-router v3 that supports a stack-based trail that follows your actual navigation through the application. Ordinarily breadcrumb components work by tracing your static <Routes> layout. If your app contains a lot of side-navigation between un-nested pages, a dynamic stack-based breadcrumb can be useful to you. This package is intended to be installed along with react-router v3, redux, and react-redux. So be sure you have those prerequisites installed as well.

react-router-breadcrumbs - Breadcrumb component for react-router

  •    CSS

A react-component for creating breadcrumbs based on your current active route. The component is written with customization and ease-of-use in mind. It therefore comes with some useful default which you can override if needed.

jquery-rcrumbs - jQuery plugin to create a responsive breadcrumb

  •    Javascript

rCrumbs aka responsiveCrumbs aka resizableCrumbs is a jQuery plugin which transforms a bunch of list item elements into a responsive breadcrumbs. The number of navigation items displayed is dynamically adapted depending on the available space in the browser window. The plugin's javascript and css files can be found in the dist/ folder. A development and a production version (minified) are available.

react-breadcrumbs-dynamic - :house_with_garden: > breadcrumbs > extremely flexible > and > easy to use

  •    Javascript

This is completely router-independent solution. You can use it with any version of React Router (2 or 3 or 4) or any other routing library for React or without routing at all. All what you need is just to specify components for breadcrumbs items and its props. However props and components should be specified separately. Props should be specified in intermediator component BreadcrumbsItem anywhere in your hierarchy of components and routes. Please note that item and finalItem require react component (class) instead of react element. However separator requires react element.

gulp-nav - gulp plugin to help build navigation elements

  •    CoffeeScript

A gulp plugin to help build navigation or breadcrumb elements implicitly from our file structure. The goal is to be useful with e.g. Bootstrap .nav classes and your favorite templating system. (If you need templates, try Jade.) gulp-nav can handle Vinyl file objects with stream contents and with buffer contents. We know how to .pipe these through appropriate plugins and transforms, leaving us with a bunch of output pages in a similar directory hierarchy. What about links between those pages, however? We don't want to hardcode that stuff! While each file is piped through, an object stored as a property of the Vinyl file object, which stored object knows where other files are located and what they are called, could be really useful to template plugins. With that information, a template could be written to build navbars, breadcrumbs, or whatever we want on our generated page.

laravel-route-breadcrumb - Laravel: Add breadcrumbs to your routes

  •    PHP

This package tries to give a simple solution for breadcrumbs. Add breadcrumbs direct to your routes and display them in your views. Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the ServiceProvider.


  •    CSharp

This is a breadcrumb navigation control that is completely automatic and uses the Navigation stack to get the page titles to generate the breadcrumbs. Also incorporated Xamarin.Forms.Pancake for more customisation options.

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