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browser-ios - Brave iOS Browser

  •    C

Either ensure your app supports opening urls in a share menu or use this project https://github.com/brave/ios-open-thirdparty-browser to open links directly.You will need a Apple developer account to run on your device.

browser-laptop - Brave browser for Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows, OSX, and Linux

  •    Javascript

Desktop browser for macOS, Windows, and Linux.Follow @brave on Twitter for important news and announcements.

sync - cross platform, client encrypted, cloud data sync 🔼✨🔮✨🔼

  •    Javascript

The sync client uses Browserify to transform Node js into browser js. To unittest the library in a browser (default: electron), run npm browsertest. To test in a different browser run npm browsertest -- --browser chrome. Results appear in both the browser inspector and your terminal.To run tests in Node, just do npm test.

extensionizer - A JS module for writing cross-browser extensions.

  •    Javascript

Most browsers (other than Safari) have implemented the WebExtensions API for writing browser extensions. Unfortunately, they've often hidden that common API under a variety of differently named global objects.

webtorrent-remote - Run WebTorrent in one process, control it from another process or even another machine

  •    Javascript

run WebTorrent in one process, control it from another process or even another machine. remove clients if we don't hear a heartbeat for this many milliseconds. default 30000 (30 seconds). set to 0 to disable the heartbeat check. once a torrent has no remaining clients, it will be removed. once there are no remaining torrents, the whole webtorrent instance will be destroyed. the webtorrent instance is created lazily the first time a client calls add().

brave-portable - 🚀 Brave web browser portable for Windows

  •    Go

MIT. See LICENSE for more details. Rocket icon credit to Squid Ink.

brave-ios - Brave iOS Browser

  •    Swift

Download on the App Store. This branch is for mainline development that will ship in the next release.