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Brunch is a Visual Studio 2008 add-in that shows the name of a code branch in a toolbar that you can place wherever you want. You'll no longer have to inspect the path of a file in your project to find out which branch you are working in.

react-native-branch-deep-linking - NPM module for integrating Branch deep linking with React Native apps

  •    Objective-C

This is a repository of our open source React Native SDK. The information presented here serves as a reference manual for the SDK. See the table of contents below for a complete list of the content featured in this document. Note that the react-native-branch module requires react-native >= 0.40.

git-ps1 - A simple command line prompt enhancer that shows the state of the current git repo (ps1)

  •    Shell

A simple command line prompt enhancer that shows the state of the current git repo (ps1).If the health of your git repository is ok, git-ps1 will just show you the current branch. If the health is bad, git-ps1 will also show 👎 next to the branch.

git-state - Get the current state of any git repository

  •    Javascript

Get the current state of any git repository.Calls the callback with a boolean which is either true or false depending on if the given path contains a git repository.

ghpages - quick script which deploys to gh-pages branch

  •    Shell

A small, personalized shell script which switches to gh-pages branch, runs npm run build, commits and pushes the new changes, and then switches back to your previous branch.This will check out gh-pages branch (creating it if necessary), merge master into it, npm run build, then commit and push the new build and switch back to master.

grunt-release-branch - A grunt task that makes working with release branches (aka gh-pages) a breeze

  •    Javascript

When developing for the web, we usually have a bunch of build steps which take care of concatenation, minification, inlining templates, generating html snapshots and so on and so on... After running through all those steps, the final output is usually placed into an output directory that is not commited into version control. Following the release branch pattern we take this output and place it on an orphan branch, where another mechanism can kick in and e.g. publish it as a website. That's exactly how it works with github when using a gh-pages branch.


  •    Javascript

Experimental. Node.js streams and pipes are a wonderful UNIX streams like abstraction oriented for fast IO transformations. This allows IO events to be composed and for transformations to be modularised and reused easily.

ghib - create meaningful git branch names (using github issues)

  •    Javascript

Executing ghib 6 in my project directory. to quickly create the following branch and check it out: 6-auto-detect-owner-and-repository. Lets say I opened an issue titled: auto detect owner and repository. It got assigned an issue number: 6. Now whenever I decide to start working on that issue I'd like to be able to create a branch name for it quickly. Preferably something that will quickly let me know what issue I'm working on and something that will be meaningful.

logule - A multi-transport, peer-dependent logging library for nodejs - UNMAINTAINED

  •    Javascript

Logule is a pretty, but heavily configurable logging utility for nodejs. It allows multiple transports as well as being configurable per user, per app and per module via localized config files. Logging is a simple yet deceptively hairy problem. You don't want foreign modules to spam your app with needless messages, but you also want them to say something if you are passing down invalid arguments. You want logs to look pretty, but you also want a consistent style.

git-branch - Get the current branch for a local git repository

  •    Javascript

Get the current branch from the local git repository. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

parse-github-url - Parse a Github URL into an object. Supports a wide variety of GitHub URL formats.

  •    Javascript

Parse a github URL into an object. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

git-picked - List merged and cherry-picked branches

  •    Go

This tool is a drop-in replacement for git branch --merged which also works when branches are rebased or cherry-picked into HEAD. Note that the matching is only done with the tip commit of each branch.

git-bc - Git plugin to interactively list branches and checkout

  •    Javascript

git branch + git checkout in a single, convenient command. This will list all available branches for your repo in a interactive list, just hit ENTER to checkout whatever branch you select.

fastlane-plugin-branch - Fastlane plugin to support Branch SDK integration and iOS Universal Link validation

  •    Ruby

Use this Fastlane plugin to set up your Xcode project configuration correctly to use the Branch SDK. It can also validate the Universal Link configuration in any Xcode project, for Branch domains as well as non-Branch domains. Unlike web-based Universal Link validators, the validate_universal_links action operates directly on your project. There is no need to look up your team identifier or any other information. The validator requires no input at all for simple projects. It supports both signed and unsigned apple-app-site-association files. Also see the Branch CLI, which supports the same operations without Fastlane.

branch-comparer - Checkout multiple git branches, execute scripts and log the results

  •    Javascript

Checkout multiple git branches, execute scripts and return to the origin branch. Ideally to run benchmarks in different branches and copy & paste the results in a PR. Will create files in form of branch.<branch>.log in the current working directory.

atom-tree-view-git-branch - Switch git branches from the tree view

  •    Javascript

Quickly switch git branches from the tree view. If you can think of another feature, feel free to submit it in an issue over at the repo.