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planck.js - 2D JavaScript Physics Engine

  •    Javascript

Check out Car example on JS Bin to try it in practice. Also see example directory for more testbed usage examples. To receive updates about changes and progress follow @piqnt on twitter.

box2d-jquery - convert your DOM into physical objects using this awesome jQuery wrapper around box2d-web

  •    CoffeeScript

oh, and before i forget, stop by the jquery conference, it will be cool (i promise), and use the voucher code 'fullstackoptimization' for 5% off. thx to box2dweb http://code.google.com/p/box2dweb/ which is the engine that works in the background.

PhysicsLayout - Android layout that simulates physics using JBox2D

  •    Java

If you want to see what your layout looks like when physics is applied to it, simply change your root layout to a physics layout.

flutter_whirlpool - Flutter UI challenge (with Box2D physic)- Smart washing machine app

  •    Dart

The balls simulation is conducted using the Box2D physic engine. In settings, you can switch to dark mode and turn off "metaball effect".

ktx - LibKTX: Kotlin extensions for LibGDX games and applications

  •    Kotlin

Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications. KTX aims to make LibGDX as Kotlin-friendly as possible without turning the API upside down. It provides modular utilities for certain parts of LibGDX with poor Kotlin support. This is not a new framework by any means - but Kotlin certainly makes LibGDX feel like one.


  •    CSharp

Box2D.XNA is a C#/XNA port of Box2D (http://code.google.com/p/box2d). It is optimized for the Xbox 360, minimizing allocations per frame and CPU time. Both the core engine and all test cases are ported including an XNA renderer.

Dolphins Salaam

  •    DotNet

This Library is a Cross Platform, UDP Broadcast solution for Peer to Peer network client detection. It is written in pure C# and is Mono and .Net compatible. It has been tested on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox and it is expected to be compatible with every other...

cook-js - Physics Chapter of Javascript book

  •    Javascript

b2.js is a library to add Box2D support (http://box2d.org/) to P5. box2d-html5.js is also included as it contains Box2D. There is a tutorial with many links to JSFiddle examples here (http://professorcook.org/CHAPphysics.pdf).p5.particle is a library to add particle support to p5.js.

touchockey - QtQuick2 hockey game using mobile browsers as game controller

  •    C++

This is a shared screen multiplayer hockey game allowing you to play on local network with your friends using your mobile phone's browser as game controller. The goal of the game is to push the puck in the blue goal if you are red, or vice-versa. Points are shown but the game never ends.

pilas - Pilas engine

  •    HTML

Pilas es un motor para realizar videojuegos de manera rápida y sencilla. Es una herramienta orientada a programadores casuales o principiantes, es ideal para quienes quieran aprender a realizar sus primeros videojuegos.

LiquidFunProcessing - Box2D/LiquidFun Library for Processing.

  •    Java

Box2D/LiquidFun Library for Processing. Particle based fluid simulation and rigid body simulation using jBox2D/LiquidFun 2.3.0+.

box2d-lite - Box2D Lite ported to R6RS Scheme

  •    Scheme

Box2D is a physics engine written in C++ by Erin Catto. Box2D Lite is a simpler version which Erin posted to his blog once upon a time. This is a port of Box2D Lite to R6RS Scheme. OpenGL library for Chez Scheme: chez-gl.

pong-box2d - Pong game engine for Node.js and Browsers

  •    Javascript

This package is designed to be generic and could be used both for Hot Seat games in a browser or as a logic core for client-server multiplayer application. This package does not address any network or rendering features and is focused only on the game. See Pong MMO game documentation for design docs of a real client-server application that utilizes this package.

box2dweb - An npm listing of box2dweb

  •    Javascript

An npm listing of Uli Hecht's port of Box2DFlash which is the flash port of Erin Catto's box2d library. For more information, see the original Box2DWeb page.

uracer-kotd - A GLES2 top-down racer, built on top of libgdx and Box2D.

  •    Java

A GLES2 top-down racer, built on top of libgdx and Box2D. This project has been lying on my hard-drive for far too long, so i'm releasing it as an open source project in the hope it may be of use or maybe inspiration for someone else work.

image-to-box2d-body - proof-of-concept game build pipeline for converting an image to a Box2D body

  •    Javascript

This question nerd-sniped me hard, so I went on a magical journey to figure out how to turn a drawn raster image into Box2D objects. This proof of concept expects to find an input file input.png in this project root directory. Then run make.

windfield - Physics module for LÖVE

  •    Lua

windfield is a physics module for LÖVE. It wraps LÖVE's physics API so that using box2d becomes as simple as possible. A physics world can be created just like in box2d. The world returned by wf.newWorld contains all the functions of a LÖVE physics World as well as additional ones defined by this library.

draw-shapes-unity - A Unity3D tutorial project for drawing 2D physics shapes with the cursor

  •    CSharp

This tutorial project provides an example of how to draw shapes with the cursor in Unity similar to IncrediBots or Phun (now Algodoo). The core logic of this project uses vertices specified from the cursor's coordinates to dynamically generate and configure a mesh, outline, and 2D collider.

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