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Botpress - The Ultimate Bot Framework

  •    Typescript

Botpress is an open-source bot creation tool written in TypeScript. It is powered by a rich set of open-source modules built by the community. Botpress is like, the WordPress of bots; anyone can create and reuse other people's modules. It is the ultimate open-source conversational platform with built-in natural language processing (NLU), easy-to-use graphical interface and dialog manager.

botpress-api.ai - ☠ 301 – Moved here (user Botpress NLU) --->

  •    Javascript

☠ 301 – Moved here (user Botpress NLU) --->

botpress-rasa_nlu - The Rasa NLU module for Botpress

  •    Javascript

A module to use Rasa.ai with your Botpress bot. The Rasa NLU module should now be available in your dashboard.

Boost - 🤖 Boost, the open-source Messenger motivational bot 🔥

  •    Javascript

An open-source motivational bot for Messenger. Since it is built on the Botpress platform, it is simple, lightweight (~250 lines of code) and portable.