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telegram-bot-sdk - 🤖 Telegram Bot API PHP SDK

  •    PHP

The (Unofficial) Telegram Bot API PHP SDK. Lets you develop Telegram Bots easily! Supports Laravel out of the box. Telegram Bot API is an HTTP-based interface created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.

Botpress - The Ultimate Bot Framework

  •    Typescript

Botpress is an open-source bot creation tool written in TypeScript. It is powered by a rich set of open-source modules built by the community. Botpress is like, the WordPress of bots; anyone can create and reuse other people's modules. It is the ultimate open-source conversational platform with built-in natural language processing (NLU), easy-to-use graphical interface and dialog manager.

Botkit - Building Blocks for Building Bots

  •    Javascript

Botkit is the leading developer tool for building chat bots, apps and custom integrations for major messaging platforms. Botkit works with all the NLP services (like Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson), can use any type of database you want, and runs on almost any hosting platform.

Rasa - Create chatbots and voice assistants

  •    Python

Rasa is an open source machine learning framework to automate text-and voice-based conversations. With Rasa, you can build chatbots on Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Bot Framework, Rocket.Chat, Mattermost, Telegram etc. Rasa's primary purpose is to help you build contextual, layered conversations with lots of back-and-forth. To have a real conversation, you need to have some memory and build on things that were said earlier. Rasa lets you do that in a scalable way.

rasa_core - Rasa Core is now part of the Rasa repo: An open source machine learning framework to automate text-and voice-based conversations

  •    Python

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Copyright 2019 Rasa Technologies GmbH. Copy of the license. A list of the Licenses of the dependencies of the project can be found at the bottom of the Libraries Summary.

botkit-middleware - A middleware to connect Watson Conversation Service to different chat channels using Botkit

  •    Javascript

This middleware plugin for Botkit allows developers to easily integrate a Watson Assistant workspace with multiple social channels like Slack, Facebook, and Twilio. Customers can have simultaneous, independent conversations with a single workspace through different channels. Sign up for an IBM Cloud account.

botkit-shell - Shell adapter for Botkit

  •    Javascript

This is a shell adapter for testing a botkit bot, derived from the Slack adapter. You'll want to be running Node 6.1.0 or newer.

botkit-storage-datastore - Google Cloud Datastore storage module for Botkit

  •    Javascript

Just require botkit-storage-datastore and pass it a config with a projectId option. Then pass the returned storage when creating your Botkit controller. Botkit will do the rest. Make sure everything you store has an id property, that's what you'll use to look it up later.

civicbot - :office: A Slackbot for interacting with your local government

  •    Javascript

A Slackbot for interacting with your local government. Full demo here. CivicBot leverages the wit.ai platform to support conversational interactions that provide useful information about a city. It's built with the awesome Botkit library and it allows you to quickly and easily set up a bot in your Slack channel to get important or useful information when you need it.

alfred - Just a Slack butler

  •    Javascript

To set up Alfred on your Slack team you need to add the Bots integration, you can search on it or go to http://<your slack domain>/apps/new/A0F7YS25R-bots. You will be able to set your bot's name, handle and you will get the SLACK_TOKEN.


  •    Javascript

This slack bot has multiple commands and uses in the main NEO Slack. This bot is specially made for the Antshares/NEO slack. It's purpose is to provide a multitude of functionality for new and seasoned members. It's primary function is to respond to certain text in channels and send the user a message with information.

nestorbot - Javascript Toolkit to create your Nestor Bot App

  •    Javascript

Nestor has a large and growing directory of powers that lets you add superpowers to your Bot. But there are scenarios where you would want to write your own powers that power Nestor. For e.g. to access your private stats server, or your own database to get results or make deploys to your own custom infrastructure.

botkit-middleware-luis - Middleware for using http://luis.ai with Botkit-powered bots

  •    Javascript

This middleware plugin for Botkit allows you to seamlessly integrate Luis natural language intent APIs into your Botkit bot. One of the key problems in human-computer interactions is the ability of the computer to understand what a person wants, and to find the pieces of information that are relevant to their intent. For example, in a news-browsing app, you might say "Get news about virtual reality companies," in which case there is the intention to FindNews, and "virtual reality companies" is the topic. LUIS is designed to enable you to very quickly deploy an http endpoint that will take the sentences you send it, and interpret them in terms of the intention they convey, and the key entities like "virtual reality companies" that are present. LUIS lets you custom design the set of intentions and entities that are relevant to the application, and then guides you through the process of building a language understanding system.

botkit-template - Botkit templates for Webex Teams

  •    Javascript

This template regroups a set of best practices to bootstrap a Botkit project for Webex Teams. configuration: pass settings either through environment variables on the command line, or hard-coded values in the .env file. Note that command line variables are priorized over the .env file if present in both places.

botkit-webex-samples - Chatbot samples for Webex Teams built with Botkit

  •    Javascript

We suggest you start with the HelloWorld bot sample below. Simplest bot you can code: echo a message with a mention of the Webex Teams user who mentionned the bot.


  •    Javascript

beepboop-botkit allows bot developers to run a Botkit based bot on the Beep Boop HQ bot hosting platform and support multiple teams. Supporting multiple teams from a single bot process is made simpler as beepboop-botkit handles "spawning" as new teams add your bot.

witbot - A simple node.js for making bots with wit.ai

  •    Javascript

Witbot doesn't assume any bot framework or even Slack but you have to wire up message events or whatever text will trigger calls to Wit.ai. The first parameter to process is the text for Wit to consider. The remaining arguments will be passed to the handlers your register for each Wit intent.

botkit-middleware-witai - Middleware for using Wit.ai with Botkit-powered bots

  •    Javascript

This middleware plugin for Botkit allows you to seamlessly integrate Wit.ai natural language intent APIs into your Botkit bot. Create a Wit application here. Then, set up and train at least one intent.

botkit-starter-ciscospark - A customizable starting point for building Cisco Spark bots

  •    Javascript

This repo contains everything you need to get started building a Cisco Spark bot with Botkit. Botkit is designed to ease the process of designing and running useful, creative bots that live inside messaging platforms. Bots are applications that can send and receive messages, and in many cases, appear alongside their human counterparts as users.

botkit-storage-firebase - Firebase storage module for Botkit

  •    Javascript

A Firebase storage module for Botkit. Just require botkit-storage-firebase and pass it a config with a firebase_uri option. Then pass the returned storage when creating your Botkit controller. Botkit will do the rest.

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