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stanza.io - Modern XMPP in the browser, with a JSON API

  •    Javascript

Modern XMPP in the browser, with a JSON API. Stanza.io is a library for using modern XMPP in the browser, and it does that by exposing everything as JSON. Unless you insist, you have no need to ever see or touch any XML when using stanza.io.

kadoh - The Kademlia DHT in Javascript for Node.js and Browsers

  •    Javascript

KadOH is a framework to build P2P applications for browsers and node.js. By implementing the basis of the Kademlia DHT, KadOH lets you build distributed web applications for mobile and desktop devices. With its flexible and extensible design, you can easily adapt KadOH to fit your needs. KadOH is available under the MIT License. See the wiki for more informations ! Also take look at our report and be aware that this document may be outdated.

kubo-deployment - Contains manifests used to deploy Cloud Foundry Container Runtime

  •    Go

This repository contains the documentation and manifests for deploying kubo-release with BOSH. To deploy CFCR go here.


  •    HTML

This is the bosh release for Cloud Foundry's Cloud Controller API. For more details on the integration between Diego and Capi Release, see Diego Design Notes.


  •    Shell

This exemplar BOSH release is intended as a collection of recommended practices for authoring a BOSH release, with a particular focus on jobs. Not all advice here should be taken verbatim for all releases, so we have made an attempt to explain the reasoning behind all recommendations so that the conscientious release author can adapt the recommendations to their unique circumstances. The primary goals of a BOSH job are to maximize availability, remove the need for manual operation, and contribute to quick deployments. To accomplish this, it is important to understand the BOSH deployment lifecycle and what your job should be doing to take advantage of it.

bosh-bootloader - Command line utility for standing up a BOSH director on an IAAS of your choice.

  •    Go

Also known as bbl (pronounced: "bubble"), bosh-bootloader is a command line utility for standing up a CloudFoundry or Concourse installation on an IAAS. bbl currently supports AWS, GCP and Azure. Openstack and vSphere support are planned. Create the necessary IAAS user/account for bbl.

bosh-softlayer-cpi-release - An external BOSH CPI for the SoftLayer cloud written in Golang

  •    Go

This is a BOSH release for the Softlayer CPI. The latest version for the SoftlLayer CPI release is here. Also, it is already available on bosh.io.


  •    Shell

This is a bosh release that packages an nfsv3driver, nfsbroker and a test NFS server for consumption by a volume_services_enabled Cloud Foundry deployment. This broker/driver pair allows you to provision existing NFS volumes and bind those volumes to your applications for shared file access.

postgres-release - BOSH release for PostgreSQL

  •    Go

This is a BOSH release for PostgreSQL. In order to deploy the postgres-release you must follow the standard steps for deploying software with BOSH.

bosh-oracle-cpi - BOSH Cloud Provider Interface for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  •    Go

The CPI implementation contained in this repository is deployed as part of BOSH Oracle CPI release. The source for this CPI is not intended to be deployed except as a BOSH deployment. To build or install the CPI locally for development or test purposes, you can symlink the repository into your Go workspace.

node-xmpp-via-bosh - xmpp api via bosh written with nodejs

  •    Javascript

Are you using node-xmpp for XMPP? But get blocked by coorperate firewalls? Then node-bosh-xmpp is API compatible with node-xmpp and gives you the ability to use XMPP over a standard HTTP port. I was looking for a BOSH XMPP client for node and came accross Anoop's node-xmpp-via-bosh implementation. His code was not completely working for me so I forked his code and fixed the issue I was having. I wanted to be able to specify the URL of the BOSH server and I also had some issues with the authorization proces.

bosh-openstack-cpi-release - BOSH OpenStack CPI

  •    Ruby

This is a BOSH release for the OpenStack CPI. See Initializing a BOSH environment on OpenStack for example usage.

bpm-release - isolated bosh jobs

  •    Go

bpm (BOSH process manager) is a layer between monit and your BOSH jobs which adds additional features while removing nearly all boilerplate startup scripts. It is backwards compatible with any BOSH version released in the past few years. The current job lifecycle is very dependent on monit semantics. Job and process start order is not guaranteed and there are hidden timeouts you can hit which will put your system in an unexpected state.

cf-openstack-validator - Is your OpenStack installation ready to run BOSH and install Cloud Foundry? Run this validator to find out

  •    Ruby

Is your OpenStack installation ready to run BOSH and install Cloud Foundry? Run this validator to find out. The intended place to run the validator is a VM within your OpenStack. If you are executing the tests from a machine outside your OpenStack, you need to set validator.use_external_ip to true.

credhub - CredHub centralizes and secures credential generation, storage, lifecycle management, and access

  •    Java

CredHub manages credentials like passwords, certificates, certificate authorities, ssh keys, rsa keys and arbitrary values (strings and JSON blobs). CredHub provides a CLI and API to get, set, generate and securely store such credentials. CredHub is intended to be deployed by BOSH using the credhub-release BOSH release. This repository is for development and is not intended to be directly deployable.

credhub-cli - CredHub CLI provides a command line interface to interact with CredHub servers

  •    Go

CredHub manages credentials like passwords, certificates, certificate authorities, ssh keys, rsa keys and arbitrary values (strings and JSON blobs). CredHub provides a CLI and API to get, set, generate and securely store such credentials. Download and install the desired release from the release page.

kubo-release - Kubernetes BOSH release

  •    Go

A BOSH release for Kubernetes. Formerly named kubo. Note: Loadbalancer address should be the external address (hostname or IP) of the loadbalancer you have configured.

service-fabrik-broker - Cloud Foundry service broker which provisions service instances as Docker containers and BOSH deployments

  •    Javascript

This broker was inspired by the cf-containers-broker. It supports Docker and Bosh-based service deployments. More details on the implemented Cloud Foundry contract can be found here. Read the Big Picture behind Service Fabrik Broker. The famous Docker will be required for a local start of the broker. You can avoid this by removing any Docker service defintion from the broker settings/configuration/catalog.

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