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BoomMenu - A menu which can ... BOOM! - Android

  •    Java

Approximately 8 months ago, I got an inspiration to creating something that can boom and show menu, which I named it Boom-Menu-Button, BMB. But at that time, I just a fresh-man in Android, knowing little about designing. The codes I wrote serveral months ago are ugly and performed low-efficient. Between months, I always think about BMB and try to write a better design pattern for implements of BMB. My first try is BMB-iOS, which contains more family characteristics, for instance, buttons-alignment, text-inside/outside-button.

futhark - :boom::computer::boom: A data-parallel functional programming language

  •    Haskell

Futhark is a purely functional data-parallel programming language. Its optimising compiler is able to compile it to typically very performant GPU code. The language and compiler is developed at DIKU at the University of Copenhagen, originally as part of the HIPERFIT centre. Although still under heavy development, Futhark is already useful for practical high-performance programming. For more information, see the website.

VHBoomMenuButton - A menu which can ... BOOM! - iOS

  •    Objective-C

After the version 2.0.0 has been published on Android platform, I started developing the new version for BMB on iOS platform. To be honest, it's not easy for me as a newbie in iOS-developing. I learned the Swift language to provide a Swift version of BMB and added some new features which can be found in Wiki. And now, just enjoy BMB.

boomJS - JavaScript实现一个有趣的浏览器图片爆炸动画效果

  •    Javascript


riscv-boom - Berkeley Out-of-Order Machine

  •    Scala

This is the source repository for the RV64G RISC-V superscalar Berkeley Out-of-Order Machine (BOOM), written in the Chisel hardware construction language. BOOM is a synthesizable core that targets ASIC processes. It can run on an FPGA (50 MHz on a zc706), but optimizing it to be an FPGA soft-core is a non-goal. For documentation on BOOM visit (https://ccelio.github.io/riscv-boom-doc).

sms-boom - 利用chrome的headless模式,模拟用户注册进行短信轰炸机

  •    Javascript

开启chrome的headless模式,仿真模拟用户去注册... 每一个人都可以是贡献者。 如果你发现有的网站,可以作为短信提供者,请在issue中提出,或PR.

micro-boom - Wraps errors in micro with Boom

  •    Javascript

Wraps errors in micro services Boom errors. Catches error from an async function, wraps them in a Boom error object and generates a JSON response.

koa-better-error-handler - A better error-handler for Lad and Koa

  •    Javascript

If you specify app.context.api = true or set ctx.api = true, and if a Mongoose validation error message occurs that has more than one message (e.g. multiple fields were invalid) – then err.message will be joined by a comma instead of by <li>. Therefore if you DO want your API error messages to return HTML formatted error lists for Mongoose validation, then set app.context.api = false, ctx.api = false, or simply make sure to not set them before using this error handler.

goom - 💣 boom, but in Golang

  •    Go

You can stash away text like URLs, canned responses, and important notes and then quickly copy them onto your clipboard, ready for pasting. Goom was written just for fun, but if you want to contribute, pull requests are welcome.

rayglider - The web goes Boom!

  •    Javascript

Rayglider attempts to modernize glsl development and provide a powerful medium for artistic expression on the web. Every aspect of it is driven and configured directly in the editor utilizing RayGL, a glsl variant that provides a modular shader composition mechanism, asset handling and multi pass setup.