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ruby-bookmarks - Ruby and Ruby on Rails bookmarks collection


This is a curated collection of essential Ruby and Ruby on Rails resources. The project aims to maintain a well-structured reference equally useful both for beginners and advanced web developers.★ stands here for Editors' Choice.

nb - CLI and local web plain text note‑taking, bookmarking, and archiving with linking, tagging, filtering, search, Git versioning & syncing, Pandoc conversion, + more, in a single portable script

  •    Shell

and more, in a single portable script. nb creates notes in text-based formats like Markdown, Org, and LaTeX, can work with files in any format, can import and export notes to many document formats, and can create private, password-protected encrypted notes and bookmarks. With nb, you can write notes using Vim, Emacs, VS Code, Sublime Text, and any other text editor you like, as well as terminal and GUI web browsers. nb works in any standard Linux / Unix environment, including macOS and Windows via WSL. Optional dependencies can be installed to enhance functionality, but nb works great without them.

sublime-bookmarks - Sublime Text essential plugins and resources


This tiny project follows GitHub community trend to aggregate the most essential bookmarks for specific subject in the form of a handy well-structured collection. Here you will find tutorials and learning materials for Sublime Text, general purpose extensions for coding and text editing, and specialized extensions grouped by usage profiles.Fork and edit (or propose something to add).

Cyca - Online Bookmarks and Feeds Manager

  •    PHP

Cyca is a PHP application that allows you to manage bookmarks and feeds from everywhere.

Free Audio Reader


Free Audio Reader is a Windows audio player featuring bookmarks (position and optionally volume), playlists, tag editing, tag-based file/folder renaming, cover art, jukebox, slide shows, soundbites and TextReader with limited Text-To-Speech. Accessibility guidelines are follow...

Delicious Bookmark Feeder

  •    DotNet

This project is being created to fill a need for a user interface to the Delicious Book mark site. This will allow a place for anyone to access their Bookmarks.

Folder Bookmarks

  •    DotNet

Folder bookmarks allows you to quickly open a file or folder you use on a regular basis. No need to navigate large folder directories, just double-click the bookmark to open it!

Quran Bookmark for WP7


If you keep forgetting where you have reached reading the Quran, then this is the application for you. Set your bookmark and you will never forget again.

Delicious Transform


The purpose of this code is to transform the Netscape Bookmark Format file exported from Delicious.com into a folder hierarchy of Internet Explorer Favorite files (.url). Tags from Delicious are converted to Folders in Windows.



A supplementary bookmark manager for Internet Explorer. Provides an easier method for searching, modifying, and organizing bookmarks.

urianchor - jQuery plugin to manage the uri hash component. Used for SinglePageWebApps.

  •    Javascript

This is a library that strives to be best-in-class. If you are considering using an SPA framework, please read Do you really want an SPA framework? first. Make your application bookmarks, browser history, the back button, and the forward button act just as the user expects while enabling you to update only the part of the page that has changed. This jQuery plugin helps you do this by making the URI Anchor (or hash fragment, as others call it) your application state API.

omg - OMG! Command-line bookmark manager

  •    Javascript

omg is a command-line utility to manage bookmarks with tag support, using the Parse backend-as-a-service for storage and sync.WARNING: This is a work in progress, so please don't rely on it yet as I might need to empty the database. If you really would like to use it, my suggestion is to use your own Parse keys in the models.js file so you're in control of your data.

bookmarks - :bookmark: Bookmark app for Nextcloud

  •    PHP

Install it from the app store in Nextcloud itself or just clone this repo into your apps directory on your server.The bookmarks app is a bit of an unloved child among the nextcloud apps. It has gone through many hands. This version is a rewrite by [Stefan Klemm] aka ganomi (https://github.com/ganomi), which is itself a bit unsatisfactory, which is why a new REST API has been introduced to facilitate synchronization and 3rd party clients and additionally there are efforts to rewrite the browser client and introduce some new features along the way.

browser-bookmarks - Retrieve bookmarks from different browsers.

  •    Javascript

Retrieve bookmarks from different browsers.Returns a Promise with an array of Bookmarks objects.

golinks - A web app that allows you to create smart bookmarks, commands and aliases by pointing your web browser's default search engine at a running instance

  •    Go

golinks is a web app that allows you to create smart bookmarks, commands and aliases by pointing your web browser's default search engine at a running instance. Similar to bunny1 or yubnub.NB: This installs the latest released binary; so if you want a more recent unreleased version from master you'll have to clone the repository and build yourself.

rust-bookmarks - Bookmarks about rust programming language


Bookmarks about rust programming language

nodejs-intro - My introduction presentation to node

  •    Javascript

My introduction presentation to node.js along with sample code at various stages of building a simple RESTful web service with director, cradle, winston, optimist, and http-console.

propel - :boat: Keep your favorite starter kits just a command away

  •    Javascript

Certain starter kits I use again and again. But it's always a hassel to keep them bookmarked, to find them when required and then clone to a directory.Propel will remember them and clone to the desired directory for you with a single command. But propel is all about remembering a git repo and cloning it to a directory. Use it for anything you like.

node-netscape-bookmarks - Create a netscape format bookmarks file (works with Chrome)

  •    Javascript

You can import this HTML into your favorite browser and it should work. Consider looking into the node urlfile module I've written for further bookmark processing. A website can either be a string containing the URL only, or an object with the url attribute present. If the contents attribute is found, it is assumed to be a folder containing more folders or websites.

Leaflet.Bookmarks - Leaflet plugin for user-generated bookmarks

  •    Javascript

Highly customizable Leaflet plugin for user-generated bookmarks, stored locally or on the server. This is a highly customizable plugin for leaflet to allow users to drop bookmarks on your map and to store them locally or on server. It uses localstorage by default, but allows you to implement your own storage solution. You can also redefine the addition of bookmarks, their looks and fields.

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