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Zero configuration


When you read zeroconf, read Bonjour and UPnP. Bonjour is an Apple protocol which does the same thing as UPnP : Service Discovery. This project is a FULL .NET implementation. With this implementation comes a partial object implementation of the DNS protocol.

bonjour - A Bonjour/Zeroconf protocol implementation in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A Bonjour/Zeroconf protocol implementation in pure JavaScript. Publish services on the local network or discover existing services using multicast DNS.The options are optional and will be used when initializing the underlying multicast-dns server. For details see the multicast-dns documentation.

ipp-printer - An IPP printer written in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Create a printer on your network using nothing but Node.js. This module implements version 1.1 of the IPP protocol and uses Bonjour/Zeroconf to advertise a printer on your local network that anyone can print to.For a video introduction, check out the talk I gave at Node.js Interactive 2015 in Portland.

bcc - An IPP tool to Man-in-the-Middle all traffic to a local printer

  •    Javascript

This is an example of a Bonjour/Zeroconf Man-in-the-Middle attack. This software showcases the attack of an IPP enabled printer. It will intercept all print jobs sent to the target printer.This attack only works for Bonjour/Zeroconf and IPP enabled printers. Only jobs sent from clients that have the printer configured using Bonjour/Zeroconf will have their jobs intercepted.

bonjour-browser - A command line tool to browse for Bonjour/Zeroconf enabled services on your local network

  •    Javascript

A command line tool to browse for Bonjour/Zeroconf enabled services on your local network.This software is written in Node.js and can be installed using the npm package manager. Ensure that you've downloaded and installed Node.js before continueing.

polo - Polo is a zero configuration service discovery module written completely in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

Polo allows your servers/programs to discover eachother without having to talk to a central server and without the use of any static configuration as long as they are connected to the same local network.

specjour - distributed rspec & cucumber via bonjour

  •    Ruby

Run specjour to start a dispatcher, manager, and multiple workers in the same terminal window. If you wish to share your computing power with the rest of the computers in your network, run specjour listen to start a long running process. The next time you, or any of your co-workers run specjour, they'll find your machine.

reflect - Use Bonjour discovery to allow you to send file data from your Mac to iOS devices.

  •    Objective-C

Reflect is a service that uses Bonjour discovery to allow you to send file data from your Mac to iOS devices. Reflect lives in your menu bar, and allows you to simply drag files into it to reflect it to one or many clients. Reflect also includes file change monitoring, and will immediately send new data to all clients upon data change.

Diont - Easy Service Discovery on Local Networks in 100% pure Javascript

  •    Javascript

Easy Service Discovery on Local Networks in pure Javascript. If service-messages are not propagated properly (especially on wifi connections), there's a plenty of trouble in Wifi routers that might cause it (see http://superuser.com/questions/730288/why-do-some-wifi-routers-block-multicast-packets-going-from-wired-to-wireless).

Diont-for-Cordova - Easy Service Discovery on Local Networks with Cordova

  •    Javascript

Easy Service Discovery on Local Networks. This Cordova plugin discovers services that are announced by Diont servers on the local network (wifi), either by other mobile devices that use this Diont plugin, or by a Nodejs Diont server. or install via Plugman and search for Diont.

NetService - Pure Swift NetService (Bonjour / Zeroconf / mDNS) implementation

  •    Swift

This module allows you to publish your own Bonjour service on the local network. On macOS NetService is included with Cocoa, however on Linux there's no such thing in the standard library. There might be rough edges, however things are shaping up nicely. See also NetService-Example.

jolivia - An Java implementation of DMAP, DAAP, DPAP, DMCP, DACP and RAOP with Guice + Jetty - Essentially a iTunes share, iPhoto share and Airport Express emulation

  •    Java

I'll just give you a brief introduction to how the DACP protocol works (you can read more on http://jsharkey.org/blog/2009/06/21/itunes-dacp-pairing-hash-is-broken/, http://dacp.jsharkey.org/, http://jinxidoru.blogspot.dk/2009/06/itunes-remote-pairing-code.html and http://www.awilco.net/doku/dacp). This project is licensed under the license presented in the license.txt file. Anyone who uses Jolivia in any kind of software - being commercial or not must notify the author and submit a comment on this project site stating its usage and purpose.

react-native-zeroconf - :satellite: Discover Zeroconf services using react-native

  •    Objective-C

Get running services advertizing themselves using Zeroconf implementations like Avahi, Bonjour or NSD. You can look at the wiki if you prefer a manual install.

zeroconf - mDNS / DNS-SD Service Discovery in pure Go (also known as Bonjour)

  •    Go

in the local network. It basically implements aspects of the standards RFC 6762 (mDNS) and RFC 6763 (DNS-SD). Though it does not support all requirements yet, the aim is to provide a complient solution in the long-term with the community.

bonjour-reflector - A reflector that forwards mdns packets between VLANs - like avahi-reflector but with fine-grained control !

  •    Go

Bonjour-reflector makes Bonjour devices such as printers, Chromecasts or Spotify Connect speakers, discoverable and usable by other devices located on different VLANs. Compared to other tools such as avahi-reflector, Bonjour-reflector allows a more fine-grained control of how Bonjour traffic is reflected across VLANs.

Merhaba - Bonjour networking for discovery and connection between iOS, macOS and tvOS devices.

  •    Objective-C

Bonjour networking for discovery and connection between iOS, macOS and tvOS devices. Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks.

Ciao - Publish and discover services using mDNS(Bonjour, Zeroconf)

  •    Swift

Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that automates the process of adding frameworks to your Cocoa application.

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