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filesystem - A library for handling Bolt's filesystem abstraction.

  •    PHP

A library for handling Bolt's filesystem abstraction.

four - 🍀 Bolt 4 prototype

  •    PHP

In your browser, go to for the frontend, and to for the Admin Panel. See the other options by running npm run.

GoogleAnalytics - Bolt Google Analytics extension - add Google Analytics tracker to your site.

  •    PHP

When updating to V3 please change key_file_location to key_file. This extension inserts the Google Analytics tracker code on your pages. The plugin also allows you view the Google Analytics statistics in the backend as well by going to extend/Statistics.

Sitemap - Bolt Sitemap extension - create XML sitemaps for your Bolt website.

  •    PHP

This extension will automatically create XML sitemaps for your Bolt sites. After enabling the extension, go to http://example.org/sitemap.xml to see it. Obviously, you should replace 'example.org' with the domain name of your website.

thumbs - Thumbnail handler for Bolt Images

  •    PHP

Should you want to work with the development branch(es), you can specficy those as Composer requirements instead. If you've already got a working installation of Bolt, you can safely skip this.

libneo4j-client - neo4j-client -- Neo4j Command Line Interface (CLI)

  •    C

neo4j-client is a command shell (CLI) for Neo4j. It supports secure connections to Neo4j server, sending of statements (including multiline statements), persistent command history, and rendering of results to tables or CSV. neo4j-client utilizes the Bolt Network Protocol, and will work with any server that supports Bolt.


  •    Java

SteelBridge Labs Neo4J Gremlin (Bolt) integration