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bolt - Bolt is a simple CMS written in PHP

  •    PHP

A Sophisticated, lightweight & simple CMS released under the open source MIT-license. Bolt is a tool for Content Management, which strives to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

simplebolt - :nut_and_bolt: Simple way to use Bolt

  •    Go

Simple way to use the Bolt database. Similar design to simpleredis.

thunder - BoltDB's Interactive Shell

  •    Go

Make sure you have a working Go environment. See the install instructions.API docs can be found here.

neo4j-clj - Clojure bindings for Bolt / the Java Neo4j driver, complete with Joplin support for managing database migrations

  •    Clojure

Clojuresque client to Neo4j database, based upon the bolt protocol. neo4j-clj is a clojure client library to the Neo4j graph database, relying on the Bolt protocol.

OGMNeo - Neo4j nodeJS OGM(object-graph mapping) abstraction layer

  •    Javascript

Abstract some trivial operations on the Neo4j driver for Nodejs and make the use simpler. That's why we created OGMNeo. OGMNeo connects using the neo4j bolt protocol.

golang-url-shortener - URL Shortener written in Golang using Bolt DB or Redis

  •    Go

URL Shortener written in Golang using Bolt DB or Redis. Provides features such as Deletion, Expiration, OAuth and is of course Dockerizable.

bolt-starter - UNMAINTAINED - ⚡ Rapid starter for your next React Native project ⚡

  •    Javascript

There are many great starter projects for React Native. This one is used in production at Full Facing and comes with a logical setup to let you hit the ground running. It includes a basic todo application example. If everything goes off smoothly you should be able to run the project.

four - 🍀 Bolt 4 prototype

  •    PHP

In your browser, go to for the frontend, and to for the Admin Panel. See the other options by running npm run.

GoogleAnalytics - Bolt Google Analytics extension - add Google Analytics tracker to your site.

  •    PHP

When updating to V3 please change key_file_location to key_file. This extension inserts the Google Analytics tracker code on your pages. The plugin also allows you view the Google Analytics statistics in the backend as well by going to extend/Statistics.

Sitemap - Bolt Sitemap extension - create XML sitemaps for your Bolt website.

  •    PHP

This extension will automatically create XML sitemaps for your Bolt sites. After enabling the extension, go to http://example.org/sitemap.xml to see it. Obviously, you should replace 'example.org' with the domain name of your website.