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vsChessMania, was originally released on 1st May 2005, after its original developer Sumit Gupta, release it's first public version. Sumit starts vsChessMania as college project but later he took the project to different level.

Hive Games Reviewer

  •    CSharp

BoardSpace.net Hive Games Reviewer (Ultimate Edition)

Swyish Chess

  •    CSharp

Chess Application built using C# and WPF

tenuki - Tenuki is a web-based go board and JavaScript library

  •    Javascript

Tenuki is a web-based board and JavaScript library for the game of go/baduk/weiqi. The JavaScript engine is not dependent on the renderer and works stand-alone. You can use it by itself as part of a larger JavaScript application.

quinto - a board game lost to the sands of time

  •    Clojure

An implementation of an old abandoned board game.

Scrum-Card-Game - Scrum Card Game: Scrum Sprint Simulation played as a multi-player card game

  •    Python

A card game has been created in this project to support learners of agile framework SCRUM. The card game is used so that players experience work in a simulated SCRUM sprint scenario. It allows reflection of many questions and topics that happen in real life while working in a SCRUM team, too. Players act in a collaborative team environment during game play. Multiple teams can compete against each other. This game is typically played during a training or workshop. The concept to simulate real life scenarios in game play turns out to be an approach for several authors in the agile domain. The intention of such an approach is to ease understanding of underlying methods and strategies for learners of the agile software development domain. The proposal of using such a card game follows the idea that a simulated game scenario is helpful for experienced players to either exploit situations not experienced so far and explore or test strategies when encoutering real life situations similar or close to the ones as simulated in game play.

UCThello - UCThello - a board game demonstrator (Othello variant) with computer AI using Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) with UCB (Upper Confidence Bounds) applied to trees (UCT in short)

  •    Javascript

UCThello is a board game using Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) with UCB (Upper Confidence Bounds) applied to trees (UCT in short) for the computer player AI. The board game used for demonstration purposes of the UCT algorithm is close to a game named Othello depending on selected options. In fact it can be played depending on your configuration following the official tournament rules of the WOF - World Othello Federation - if intended [WOF14]. Other rule settings to play variants are available, too. Per design decision the playing strength is limited for pleasure and fun level. Thus it is kept at a moderate to quite strong level on purpose due to the target environment, device platform, and audience expectations. This is done e.g. by limitation of the maximum AI response time and using a single execution thread for AI only plus just a second independent execution thread for a responsive user interface to avoid battery drains if full CPU and GPU core support would be implemented leading to bad user experience. Other possible but at least currently postponed improvements could be done by simple usage of a well-known and available game opening book. Although such simple modifications could improve the playing strength these features are not implemented in the current version yet. Othello is a derivative of the board game Reversi which can be played by UCThello as well. Reversi is claimed to be invented by either Lewis Waterman or John W. Mollett. Predecessor of Reversi created by Mollett is The game of Annexation, also called Annex back in 19th century.

deck.zone - A board game creation tool.

  •    Javascript

A game-creation helper for creating decks, tokens, chits, tiles, etc.

Ka-tan - A shared board to play CatanⓇ on with friends

  •    TypeScript

Ka-tan is a board sharing program to play CatanⓇ with people over long distances. Unlike the many CatanⓇ apps, this was designed to emulate the physical nature of playing the actual board game as much as possible. No fancy trading dialog. This is more like if you had a camera pointed at your board and a robot moving the pieces on the other end. Same on your end for the other players. Touch interface. You can drag pieces,and the robber around. To rotate roads, simply double tap them. You can roll the dice by tapping the roll in the top left.

chess - The game of Chess

  •    Go

You can download the latest published binary from itch.io or build from source. I am drawing a set of chess pieces for this game. You can follow my progress on Flickr.

yinsh - An HTML5 version of the board game Yinsh

  •    Haskell

An HTML5 version of the board game Yinsh written in Haskell / Haste.

colamone_js - A two-player strategy board game /オリジナルのボードゲームを作ってみる。

  •    HTML

A two-player strategy board game /オリジナルのボードゲームを作ってみる。

codenames - Play codenames using a TV or computer for the board

  •    Go

Codenames implements a web app for generating and displaying boards for the Codenames board game. Generated boards are shareable and will update as words are revealed. The board can be viewed either as a spymaster or an ordinary player. A hosted version of the app is available at www.horsepaste.com.

tictacNET - Solving Tic-Tac-Toe with Neural Networks.

  •    Python

Solving Tic-Tac-Toe with Neural Networks. Run tictacnet.py to train your model. Then play it using by running play.py. Feel free to tune what ever you want in the model and see how good (or bad!) you can make it.

seven-wonders - A digital version of the 7 Wonders board game

  •    Kotlin

A digital version of the 7 Wonders board game. ⚠️ DISCLAIMER: We do not own the rights on the 7 Wonders game concept and rules, nor on the assets used here. This is a pet project, not intended to be sold.

hasami-shogi - :game_die: 2-player tactical iOS game: Based on the traditional Japanese strategic board game, Hasami Shogi

  •    Swift

:game_die: 2-player tactical iOS game: Based on the traditional Japanese strategic board game, Hasami Shogi. (Swift V1.0)

AnimalChess - Animal Fight Chess Game(斗兽棋) written in rust.

  •    Rust

Animal Fight Chess Game(斗兽棋) written in rust, using Alpha-Beta-Pruning algorithm, and implement AlphaZero algorithm for training. It need rust nightly version.

codenamesgreen - Co-op codenames app (ala Codenames Duet)

  •    Elm

Codenames Green is an app for playing the cooperative variant of the Codenames board game: Codenames Duet. It tries to implement the game faithfully, following the game's rules exactly. Two or more players divide amongst the two sides, Side A and Side B. They alternate giving clues for their green words, trying to get the other side to guess the green words. The game is lost when either side chooses one of the black words. Players win when all green words on both sides are revealed.

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