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sqlite-okapi-bm25 - 📑 SQLite extension to add the Okapi BM25 ranking algorithm

  •    C

This SQLite extension creates a SQL function called okapi_bm25 that returns the Okapi BM25 ranking for results of a full-text search. Okapi BM25 is a modern ranking function that calculates a score for each result based on its relevance to the search query. This extension only works with MATCH queries on FTS4 tables. The matchinfo function must be called with 'pcnalx' as the second argument. This argument defines the structure of the data given to the okapi_bm25 function, which accepts the data in only one form. If the matchinfo function is called with a different second argument, the extension may provide incorrect results or fail to work entirely.

AccurateLuceneBM25 - Improving the effectiveness Lucene's BM25 (and testing it using Yahoo! Answers and Stack Overflow collections)

  •    Java

Improving the effectiveness Lucene's BM25 (and testing it using community QA and ClueWeb* collections). Please, see my blog post for details. It works for early version of Lucene 6.x, e.g., 6.0. However, the later Lucene versions (I think starting from 6.3) changed internal API, so this similarity class will not work without changes. In addition to an input file (which can be gzipped or bzipped2), you have to specify the output directory to store a Lucene index. For community QA data you can specify the location of an output file to store TREC-style QREL files.