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cordova-plugin-bluetoothle - Bluetooth Low Energy Phonegap Plugin

  •    Objective-C

This plugin allows you to interact with Bluetooth LE devices on Android, iOS, and partially on Windows. If timeouts are needed, please check out the Angular wrapper and its example.

Bleu - BLE (Bluetooth LE) for UğŸŽ Bleu is the best in the Bluetooth library.

  •    Swift

Bleu is a Bluetooth library. Bleu is the easiest way to operate CoreBluetooth. Bleu is possible to operate by replacing Bluetooth 's Peripheral and Central with Server and Client. Bleu can be developed event-driven.

Android-DFU-Library - A library with DFU feature for Android 4.3+.

  •    Java

The nRF5x Series chips are flash-based SoCs, and as such they represent the most flexible solution available. A key feature of the nRF5x Series and their associated software architecture and S-Series SoftDevices is the possibility for Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade (OTA-DFU). See Figure 1. OTA-DFU allows firmware upgrades to be issued and downloaded to products in the field via the cloud and so enables OEMs to fix bugs and introduce new features to products that are already out on the market. This brings added security and flexibility to product development when using the nRF5x Series SoCs. This repository contains a tested library for Android 4.3+ platform which may be used to perform Device Firmware Update on the nRF5x device using a phone or a tablet.

cylon-ble - Cylon.js adaptor/drivers for Bluetooth LE

  •    Javascript

You will need a computer with a hardware adaptor that supports Bluetooth LE, also known as Bluetooth 4.0, or Bluetooth Smart. Also, this module currently only supports OSX and Linux operating systems.You can use the cylon-ble modules's included commands to scan for BLE devices, and then to list the various BLE characteristics for a specific device.

cylon-mip - Cylon.js driver for MIP

  •    Javascript

Cylon.js (http://cylonjs.com) is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).This repository contains the Cylon adaptor for the MiP robot from Wowwee (http://www.wowwee.com/mip/).

cylon-sphero-ble - Cylon.js driver for the Sphero BB-8 & Sphero Ollie robots

  •    Javascript

Cylon.js (http://cylonjs.com) is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).This repository contains the Cylon.js drivers to connect to the Sphero BB-8 and Sphero Ollie Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) robots from Sphero (http://www.sphero.com/).

ruuvitag-sensor - Python library for communicating with RuuviTag BLE Sensor Beacon and for decoding sensor data from broadcasted eddystone-url

  •    Python

RuuviTag Sensor is a Python library for communicating with RuuviTag BLE Sensor Beacon and for decoding sensord data from broadcasted eddystone-url.RuuviTag sensors can be identified using MAC addresses.

android-ble - DeviceHive Bluetooth Low Energy bridge for Android

  •    Java

DeviceHive Android Gateway for Bluetooth Low Energy devices makes it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices to DeviceHive IoT clouds through single Android device. Now compatible with Android N. Just imagine multiple sensors, or buttons, or indicators, connected to your smart home through single Android phone, tablet or other device! All your need - just start Gateway, connect to your device and send a command (or subscribe for sensor data notifications). where "A1:A2:A3:A4:A5:A6" is address of your BLE device. Actually Gateway supports autoconnect - if device is discovered, but wasn't connected, call to any command will initiate connection to the device, and if it succeeds, perform command on that connection.

irone - Better notifications for Nokia Steel HR devices

  •    Kotlin

Notifications for Nokia Steel HR. This app tries to extend notifications for the Nokia Steel HR to be received from any application.

ble.net - Cross-platform Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) library for Android, iOS, and UWP

  •    CSharp

ble.net is a Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE, aka Bluetooth LE, aka Bluetooth Smart) cross-platform library to enable simple development of BLE clients on Android, iOS, and UWP/Windows. Note: Currently UWP only supports listening for broadcasts/advertisements, not connecting to devices.

nativescript-bluetooth - :blue_heart: NativeScript Bluetooth LE plugin

  •    TypeScript

Reports if bluetooth is enabled. Since plugin version 1.2.0 the startScanning function will handle this internally so it's no longer mandatory to add permission checks to your code.

domoticz-bt-presence - Bluetooth Beacon Presence plugin for Domoticz

  •    Python

See this link for more information on the Domoticz plugins. Bluetooth LE scanner: for listening of beacons, check battery level and sending info to the domoticz plugin through UDP. Ability to run several services for greater coverage of home.

MagicLight-Controller - This simple demo application is controlling MagicLight's smart bulbs by bluetooth-le

  •    Java

I hacked MagicLight bluetooth bulb's communication protocals through reverse engineering. so anyone can control MagicLight bluetooth bulbs using this simple demo app or your own app. This simple demo app supplys some examples about basic controls through smart bulb's protocols. And you can customize your own apps using following protocols.

ExtendaBLE - Blocks Based Bluetooth LE Connectivity framework for iOS/watchOS/tvOS/OSX

  •    Swift

ExtendaBLE provides a very flexible syntax for defining centrals and peripherals with ease. Following a blocks based builder approach you can easily create centrals, peripherals, associated services, characteristics, and define callbacks to listen for characteristic changes accordingly. One of the unique features of ExtendaBLE is that it allows to bypass the limitations of the MTU size in communicating between devices. The library negotiates a common MTU size, and allows breaks down the data to be sent between devices into packets, which are then reconstructed by the receiving entity.

DemoPeripheral - Swift 3

  •    Swift

Turn your ARM Linux device (e.g. BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi) into an iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral with Swift. Includes iOS app for interacting with the peripheral via Bluetooth. You can also explore with LightBlue.

ttblue - Bluetooth LE app for TomTom GPS watches: Runner, MultiSport, Cardio, Spark, Runner v2

  •    C

The TomTom Multi-Sport and Runner are nice GPS watches and quite affordable, but they suffer from subpar official software. There is no official desktop app for interfacing wirelessly with the TomTom GPS watches, (only for Android and iPhone). Now you can use ttblue to download your activites wirelessly and keep the QuickFix GPS ephemeris data up-to-date.

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