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redux-cli - An opinionated CLI for building redux/react apps quicker

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There is an init subcommand for you to specify all paths to where components live in your project. The init command just creates a .blueprintrc in your project root. If you want to you can just create the .blueprintrc manually. Note on configuration: This project tries to walk on a fine line between convention and configuration. Since the majority of React applications will separate their smart/dumb components if you pass in those paths you'll get those generators for free. However, some of the other generators might not write files to the exact paths that you use for your project. It's easy to override the CLI generators with your own so that the generators will write files to the correct location. See: creating custom blueprints.

sails-generate-ember-blueprints - Generate Ember Data DS.RESTAdapter compatible blueprints

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Warning: this repository is no longer actively maintained. It has been superceded by sails-ember-rest. Please file all issues and pull requests under sails-ember-rest. Sails supports overriding the default blueprints, which gives us a remarkable flexibility in making Sails work together with a variety of clients and frontend libraries.

ember-cli-opinionated - The Enhanced Ember Application Blueprint

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All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let ECO do the hard work. When it's done, you'll have the most badass skeleton app around; it'll be a lean, mean, code-generating machine! Watch your productivity increase and your architecture meetings decrease, all at the same time. Note: This addon works best with the master branch of Ember CLI (as of 1.13.8), thanks to the enhancements of this Pull Request. ECO has a fallback to work with older versions (pre-2.0), but it is less reliable than the newer methods.