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react-bluekit - Automatically generating a component library from your React components (ES5, ES6, Typescript)

  •    Javascript

BlueKit automatically generates a library from your React components with editable props and live preview. Point BlueKit to folders with your React components and it will generate a library for you. You'll be able to browse through the components, tweak their props, and see the changes live. Furthermore, any changes that you make to your components' code will be reflected in the library.

react-load-script - React component that makes it easy to load 3rd party scripts

  •    Javascript

This package simplifies loading of 3rd party scripts in your React applications. There are situations when you need to use a 3rd party JS library in your React application (jQuery, D3.js for rendering charts, etc.) but you don't need it everywhere and/or you want to use it only in a response to users actions. In cases like this, preloading the whole library when application starts is an unnecessary and expensive operation which could possibly slow down your application.

react-svg-icon-generator - Generate React Icon Component from SVG icons to show, resize and recolor them

  •    Javascript

Generate React Icon Component from SVG icons to show, resize and recolor them. source directory with SVG and this is output component from gulp task so in production you are without any dependencies at all.

redux-file-upload - Redux-friendly file upload made easy

  •    Javascript

Please note - a middleware that passes dispatch to actions, e.g. redux-thunk, redux-promise-middleware, is required for this package to work properly. Below are the props you can pass to the file upload component.

redux-preload - Preload actions on both server & client side (allows deep nesting of components)

  •    Javascript

Module is using to dispatch some actions (usually async data fetching) immediately after the rendering occurs. Works both on client and server sides. On server to get all goodness of isomorphic-deeply-nested-component-data-prefetch you need to call serverPreload(routerContext) with router context.

translation-engine - A Rails engine for sending and receiving translations from Translation Server

  •    Ruby

Create element with class translation_engine_start. When you click on this element, Translation Engine will start screenshoting page and then sends all images + highlights to server /transaltion_engine which will be catched by ScreenshotsMiddleware and then send to TranslationServer. Create element with class translation_highlight_start.

translation-server - Stores translations with location and screenshot

  •    Ruby

Stores translations with location and screenshot. Enable users to easily edit translations and then any rails application can use them. Catcher is middleware in rails APP which catches all used translations in page and then it sends them into Translation Server.

ts-translate - Translate, Interplate, format text into different localisations for React applications

  •    TypeScript

Helps you to translate text from messages object. Allows you to format numbers, dates, interpolate text to string templates, default text as key, scoping translations, putting it to React Redux application with Provider and decorator (same pattern as Redux is using). Also it supports connection to translation server with possibility to download translation on both server and browser side. Freeze translations with releases created in translation server. Also there is possibility of live updates of translations via Server Side Events.

vcr.js - Mock server with Proxy and Record support inspired by ruby VCR.

  •    TypeScript

Mock server with Proxy and Record support inspired by ruby VCR. When you hit the VCR.js server with a URL (e.g. GET http://localhost:8100/api/v1/users), the URL is translated to the path of the fixture file, consisting of a relative path to a directory and a file name, in this case {fixturesDir}/api/v1/users/GET.default.(json|js).

detect-adblock - Get information about whether the user has enabled AdBlock

  •    Javascript

DetectAdbblock is a library which recognizes using of ad blocker in a browser. You can use it in case you want to show advertisment towards users or just run important script which are beign blocked. This library is inspired by BlockAdBlock project. Main changes are that this library is simplified, completely written in ES6 and contains tests written in Jest.

haystack - Core developer stack for JavaScript applications with server side rendering, code splitting, webpack 3

  •    Javascript

We are using polyfills from www.polyfill.io and to add new polyfill go to src/server/frontend/Html.react.js and update this line <Script src="https://cdn.polyfill.io/v2/polyfill.min.js?features=Symbol" />. You can set ENV variables from .bash_profile, export NODE_ENV=production, running them inline NODE_ENV=production yarn start or use .env file in project root.

js-package-template - Boilerplate for creating a new javascript package

  •    Shell

On Circle CI you need to add NPM_TOKEN which has rights to publish package to npmjs.org. Also when you provide SLACK_TOKENS XXX/YYY/ZZZZ (take them as one string from url https://hooks.slack.com/services/XXX/YYY/ZZZ) it will let you know about new version.

onion-form - React Redux form builder with great UX validations

  •    Javascript

As a developer you are assigned with creating a registration form on Registration page with fields for first name, last name, e-mail and password, validate them and then send all these fields to API. Not again? This package will make your life easier by simplifying the dealing with forms. All validations you specify will be used.