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vue-blog - 🔥 Vue.js+Node.js+Mongodb的前后端分离的个人博客,适配PC端和移动端,单页面应用,线上访问www.xuhaodong.cn [服务器已过期,暂时无法访问]

  •    Vue

🔥 Vue.js+Node.js+Mongodb的前后端分离的个人博客,适配PC端和移动端,单页面应用,线上访问www.xuhaodong.cn [服务器已过期,暂时无法访问]

wp-vue - A simple Vue blog template that displays posts from any WordPress REST API endpoint.

  •    Vue

After making sure you have Yarn installed on your machine, run yarn install. Set your specific constants in the config.js file.

Blog-Frontend-Project - Web frontend code for my blogs, develop with Vue.

  •    Vue

Supported SSR Now. The warehouse holds the front end code for the blog project, built using Vue.js.

gustavo - 👨 A (mostly) headless blogging platform built atop Nuxt & Gist.

  •    Vue

A (mostly) headless blogging platform built atop Nuxt & Gist. Using a simple naming schema, Gustavo can create a whole blog for you in seconds. Don't believe me? Check out the gist that is my blog.

vuepress-theme-ktquez - A blog theme for VuePress by Ktquez 🤘

  •    Vue

Vuepress does not yet have native support for blogs, but this theme has some practices and customizations to turn into a blog. I know the theme configuration seems like a lot of work though, I've created a boilerplate with the settings and structure of folders organized, just clone the repository and change the information for your blog, modify the images and start using.

personal-site - :metal: Personal site of Kevin Peters

  •    Vue

Wanted to try out nuxt.js and created a new portfolio because the old one was really bad. personal-site is realeased under the MIT License.

sublog - ✍ Build a static blog website from GitHub Issues

  •    Vue

Check out your npm scripts, it's using vbuild under the hood. This content is released under the MIT License.

nuxt-blog - A Nuxt.js server side rendered blog app

  •    Vue

A Nuxt.js server side rendered blog application (PWA included) based on Contenful API. Sign up for Contentful.

bael-template - Brutalist Blog theme for Netlify CMS

  •    Vue

Bael is a free template that gives you an easy way to start a blog that uses modern technologies like static-site JAMstack architecture, CSS grid layout, responsive design, and fuzzy search — all wrapped up in a brutalist aesthetic. Access yourwebsite.com/admin, e.g. localhost:3000/admin.

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