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blockstack-browser - The Blockstack Browser

  •    Javascript

The Blockstack Browser allows you to explore the Blockstack internet.Blockstack Browser requires a local instance of Blockstack Core to run. To get started, first install Blockstack Core and then proceed with the installation of Blockstack Browser.

blockstack-core - The reference implementation of Blockstack

  •    Python

blockstack-core is the reference implementation of the Blockstack protocol.Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where you own your data and your apps run locally without remote servers.

stacks-blockchain - The Stacks 2.0 blockchain implementation

  •    Rust

Reference implementation of the Stacks blockchain in Rust. Stacks 2.0 is a layer-1 blockchain that connects to Bitcoin for security and enables decentralized apps and predictable smart contracts. Stacks 2.0 implements Proof of Transfer (PoX) mining that anchors to Bitcoin security. Leader election happens at the Bitcoin blockchain and Stacks (STX) miners write new blocks on the separate Stacks blockchain. With PoX there is no need to modify Bitcoin to enable smart contracts and apps around it. See this page for more details and resources.

blockstack.org - The Blockstack website

  •    Javascript

A live version of this site can be found online at https://blockstack.org.Before reporting a bug, follow these steps.

designs - Blockstack designs

  •    HTML

Blockstack Design is an open source design cooperative led by designers, developers, writers and enthusiasts of the Blockstack community and decentralized internet movement. We are working hard at building a more open and beautiful internet in a collaborative manner.

electron-blockstack-demo - Electron + Blockstack auth demo application.

  •    Javascript

This is a demo app showing how to integrate Blockstack authentication into an electron app.

blockstack-android - The Blockstack Android library for identity, auth and storage

  •    Javascript

Blockstack is a platform for developing a new, decentralized internet, where users control and manage their own information. Interested developers can create applications for this new internet using the Blockstack platform. All of the material in this is a pre-release, if you encounter an issue please feel free to log it on this repository.

blockstack-storage-js - Blockstack storage API access for Javascript clients

  •    Javascript

Please don't use this library directly as its API will change. Instead use Blockstack Storage via the public APIs provided in blockstack.js. This library was split off from blockstack.js in order to make it easier to test.

clarity-js-sdk - Javascript SDK for interacting with Clarity smart contracts

  •    TypeScript

A development environment, testing framework, and deployment tool for Clarity smart contracts. See create-clarity-dev for more details.

cli-blockstack - Node.js CLI for Blockstack, built on blockstack.js

  •    TypeScript

This tool is meant for developers only -- it is meant to be used for testing and debugging Blockstack apps in ways that the Browser does not yet support. It is not safe to use this tool for day-to-day tasks, since many commands operate on unencrypted private keys. Everyone is encouraged to use the Blockstack Browser whenever possible. This should install blockstack-cli to your $PATH.

stacks-wallet - The Stacks Wallet. Easily send and receive tokens on the Blockstack network.

  •    Javascript

The Stacks Wallet enables holders of Stacks to send and receive tokens. Read the announcement here. This will build both MacOS and Windows versions.

lumio - Lumio is a reactive visual programming IDE for Clarity

  •    Javascript

Lumio is a reactive visual programming IDE for Clarity. It allows you to program Clarity smart contracts using drag and drop. It is reactive in the sense that it keeps track of custom definitions and updates those in place in real time. It also features inline help for all built-in keywords and functions, and custom ones in the future. You can try it out on https://lumio.app.

connect - A library for building excellent user experiences with Stacks.

  •    TypeScript

Connect is a JavaScript library for applications built on Stacks. The Stacks documentation website includes a full range of documentation for building apps using Connect.

docs - All you need to build decentralized apps and write smart contracts.

  •    TypeScript

If you are interested in contributing to the site and making changes, please refer to our contributing guide here. The src/_data/cli-reference.json file is generated from the stx subcommand docs.

explorer - Explore transactions and accounts on the Stacks blockchain

  •    TypeScript

The Stacks Explorer is built with react, next.js and @stacks/ui. To run the explorer locally, you can clone this repo and install the dependencies needed. Make sure you have yarn installed. To build and run the application, you can run this yarn task which will launch the application at http://localhost:3000.

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