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blockstack-browser - The Blockstack Browser

  •    Javascript

The Blockstack Browser allows you to explore the Blockstack internet.Blockstack Browser requires a local instance of Blockstack Core to run. To get started, first install Blockstack Core and then proceed with the installation of Blockstack Browser.

blockstack-core - The reference implementation of Blockstack

  •    Python

blockstack-core is the reference implementation of the Blockstack protocol.Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where you own your data and your apps run locally without remote servers.

blockstack.org - The Blockstack website

  •    Javascript

A live version of this site can be found online at https://blockstack.org.Before reporting a bug, follow these steps.

designs - Blockstack designs

  •    HTML

Blockstack Design is an open source design cooperative led by designers, developers, writers and enthusiasts of the Blockstack community and decentralized internet movement. We are working hard at building a more open and beautiful internet in a collaborative manner.

electron-blockstack-demo - Electron + Blockstack auth demo application.

  •    Javascript

This is a demo app showing how to integrate Blockstack authentication into an electron app.

blockstack-android - The Blockstack Android library for identity, auth and storage

  •    Javascript

Blockstack is a platform for developing a new, decentralized internet, where users control and manage their own information. Interested developers can create applications for this new internet using the Blockstack platform. All of the material in this is a pre-release, if you encounter an issue please feel free to log it on this repository.

blockstack-storage-js - Blockstack storage API access for Javascript clients

  •    Javascript

Please don't use this library directly as its API will change. Instead use Blockstack Storage via the public APIs provided in blockstack.js. This library was split off from blockstack.js in order to make it easier to test.

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