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herebedragons - A basic 3D scene implemented with various engines, frameworks or APIs.

  •    C

Hic sunt dracones. This repository contains multiple implementations of the same 3D scene, using different APIs and frameworks on various platforms. The goal is to provide a comparison between multiple rendering methods. This is inherently biased due to the variety of algorithms used and available CPU/GPU configurations, but can hopefully still provide interesting insights on 3D rendering.

freeciv-web - Freeciv-web is an Open Source strategy game implemented in HTML5 and WebGL, which can be played online against other players, or in single player mode against AI opponents

  •    Javascript

Freeciv-web is an open-source turn-based strategy game. It can be played in any HTML5 capable web-browser and features in-depth game-play and a wide variety of game modes and options. Your goal is to build cities, collect resources, organize your government, and build an army, with the ultimate goal of creating the best civilization. You can play online against other players (multiplayer) or play by yourself against the computer. There is both a HTML5 2D version with isometric graphics and a 3D WebGL version of Freeciv-web. Freeciv-web is free and open source software. The Freeciv C server is released under the GNU General Public License, while the Freeciv-web client is released under the GNU Affero General Public License. See License for the full license document.

appleseed - A modern open source rendering engine for animation and visual effects

  •    C++

appleseed is an open source, physically-based global illumination rendering engine primarily designed for animation and visual effects. appleseed is actively developed by a small, international team of talented volunteers from the animation and VFX industry. Its core mission is to provide individuals and small studios with a complete, reliable, fully open rendering package.

bpy - blender python scripts

  •    Python

Display, edit, filter, render, convert, generate and export colored point cloud PLY files. Works with any PLY file with 'x, y, z, nx, ny, nz, red, green, blue' vertex values. Vertex normals and colors are optional.

Blender-Addon-Photogrammetry-Importer - Addon to import different photogrammetry formats into Blender

  •    Python

This repository contains a Blender addon to import reconstruction results of several libraries. 1 Requires Pillow to read image sizes from disk. 2 Requires Pillow for point color computation. 3 Requires Pyntcloud for parsing. 4 Requires Pylas for parsing. 5 Requires Lazrs for parsing.

Ascend 3D

  •    DotNet

Ascend is a powerful yet lightweight library for creating rich 3D .NET applications.

phobos - An add-on for Blender allowing to create URDF, SDF and SMURF robot models in a WYSIWYG environment

  •    Python

Phobos is an add-on for the open-source 3D modeling software Blender that enables the creation of WYSIWYG robot models for use in robot frameworks like ROS and ROCK or in real-time simulations such as MARS or Gazebo. Phobos exports formats such as URDF, SDF or SMURF and common mesh formats (Stereolithography (.stl), Wavefront (.obj) or Collada (.dae)). Phobos was initiated and is currently developed at the Robotics Innovation Center of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Bremen, together with the Robotics Group of the University of Bremen.

blenderseed - appleseed plugin for Blender

  •    Python

blenderseed is an appleseed plugin for Blender 2.79b and 2.8-2.92 only. 2.93 and up are NOT SUPPORTED. appleseed and its accompanying software is released under the MIT license.

bitwrk - Bitcoin-fueled Peer-to-Peer Blender Rendering (and more)

  •    Go

Artists use Blender, a powerful yet free 3D software, to create impressive pictures and movies. This a requires a time-consuming, and costly, production step called rendering.BitWrk integrates with Blender and makes rendering much quicker by dispatching it to a swarm of computers.

pulverize - A multi-process rendering script for Blender VSE.

  •    PHP

A multi-process rendering script for Blender VSE. Pulverize is a script for rendering video from Blender using multiple processes.

r2d3 - The R2D3 Robotics simulation project

  •    Python

R2D3 is a Free, Cross Platform, Generic Robotic Manipulator Simulator and Development Environment built using Blender and Python. It's main goal is to provide a simple but feature-rich platform for Educational & Research Usage. Much of it is currently Scorbot ER-V (From Intelitek) oriented though that situation will change in the near future. Blender and Python make an amazing combo! When I started this project I didn't understand either Blender or Python (but they both looked cool, and that opinion has only strengthened with familiarity). Without either of them this project would not exist.

Blender-Add-on-Manager - Blender Add-on Manager to install/uninstall/update from GitHub

  •    Javascript

This is the application to manage add-on released on GitHub. You can install/uninstall/update all add-on's released on GitHub with this application. The list of languages supported by this application is shown below. If you want to support other languages, please send me translated strings.

fake-bpy-module - Fake bpy module for code completion

  •    Python

Fake bpy module for code completion in eclipse/PyCharm/VSCode etc...

Magic-UV - Blender Add-on: Magic UV (Copy/Paste UV)

  •    Python

This is a blender add-on "Magic UV". (a.k.a. Copy/Paste UV for older version) "Magic UV" consists of many UV manipulation features which Blender lacks of. "Magic UV" is in Release support level. (Contrib support level in Blender version <2.79) So, stable version is included on Blender. Of course, you can also download older version.

blender-terrain - Real world terrain for Blender with global coverage

  •    Python

The addon for Blender imports real world terrain data with global coverage and the resolution about 30 meter in the SRTM format (.hgt). Take look at the addon blender-osm. It provides one click download and import of OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender. Buildings from OpenStreetMap are placed on the terrain automatically.

3D_Models - 3D Models of our products

  •    Eagle

This is a repository of basic geometry and source CAD files for 3D models that appear on our website. Models are stored in real world (1x) scale. STL units are millimeters. Be sure to set your scene's display device to none before export to prevent colors from being gamma corrected. Or use the startup file in this repo.

IOR_reference - A Blender addon that display IOR values in a list

  •    Python

IOR Reference is an addon for Blender that adds a list of common IOR values for materials in the nodes editor. It also includes a button to insert a value node with the IOR. And as with all UILists in Blender, you can also search and sort the list by clicking the plus icon at the bottom.

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